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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

/ weekly wind-down 16

I don't know if I'm on the right week anymore.

I woke up today and finished falling out of bed. Essentially I was on the floor anyway, but somehow in my sleep I'd managed to balance myself perfectly on the corner of my mattress. Impressive, I know.


Anyway, today marks the sunday before the saturday of the first of two races - I'm meant to be covering 20 miles in total and clocking up the endurance.

Yesterday, I went on a boys gym trip and can honestly say I have pain in muscles that have never hurt like this before. Who even squats?

Thursday was a evening out to celebrate a friends 22nd. My god that sounds so old. Because we were baking cakes, she came to mine first before wandering down to town. Those cakes. Quite possibly my only ever cooking fail, neither looked particularly edible. I also nearly managed to set fire to myself. But hey - more cake for me?

my beautiful friend, pre disaster
My sister got us Netflix. So. No more work will ever be done. When it asks 'are you still watching?' I struggle to tear myself from my sophie-shaped-dent in the sofa to press OK. I have problems.

The below string of photographs depict a well timed walk with my dad. We left the house at 11, him stating there would be no need to check the forecast, or bring anything sensible whatsoever. I have never known him to be so spontaneous.

Around three miles from our house, the weather started to change. And then we began to hear thunder. A lot of thunder. Alongside which just happened to be some very dark and ominous clouds. When the rain hit it was like walking into a firehose. I would even describe it as the most rain to have ever fallen in history. My clothes soaked up the water and I had to hide my phone and camera in the bottom of my sodden rucksack.

I think my favourite part of this storm was bumping into other walkers. They were all wrapped up in waterproofs and quietly laughing as my dad and I stumbled on.

We got lost following a diversion which added another few miles here and there. 

The sun came out for around ten minutes. I'm so grateful I had decided to wear my hair in a bun, or else I would have looked even more bedraggled - frizz central.

In this brief interlude, we bought icecream and chased geese. As you do. 

Then the second part of the storm started to close in.

In case you were wondering what was in my bag - I had been forced to carry around 5 litres of water. Oh the irony. 

This week I am thankful for:
Oh. Everything.
Living. Life.

The lust list:
Interchangeable legs. I know I request these week in week out, but seriously functioning is becoming more struggling.
Red suede feelings [edit: i meant to type boots here, but feelings came out instead. red suede feelings sounds kind of cool too i guess?]

always be prepared. 
love sophie


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