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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

/ fitness / a tip from a learner

If you make one lifestyle change this month, then trust me, this is the one you need to be doing.

pull those shoulders down.

I know it sounds crazy, but bear with.

Imagine I've attached weights to the bottom of your shoulder blades - that's where the downward motion needs to come from.  Pulling down with the lats (the big wing muscles) improves your general posture. 

This will engage your core, lengthen your neck and keep you sitting upright. and all you need to do it is tuck in those ribs and shoulder blades. EASY.

Try it when your running, it keeps you grounded.

Try it when you're sitting down. It will do wonders.

Try it when you're walking around.

For a few days your sides may hurt (using new muscles see), so just ask for a massage from a friend. I have no friends so sit awkwardly by myself rubbing my shoulders.

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