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Sunday, 2 March 2014

/ weekly wind-down 9

I tried out a contemporary dance class on wednesday. Wow. I didn't realise quite how uncoordinated I am until I ran into another dancers face. No one seemed to mind though - apparently it was so graceful. 

This is my mum - you haven't really seen much of her yet.

She took myself and the boy to Carluccio's for lunch (yes the ex-boy, but still a boy).
Remember how I said it was my absolute favourite place to eat?

Oh. we were waiting a solid hour for the food.
But that's okay because I was secretly eating biscuits under the table. The waiter, without a doubt, noticed.

She's so wise.
She was also, sadly, the bringer of some not so great news. 
It's taken a few hours to sink in, but I might need some down time from the blogging front. Will do my best to get next weeks weekly wind-down up, but no promises.

This week I am thankful for:
running all the miles I have. suddenly training feels like it's having an impact and my body feels bouncy (and wobbly....)
Family. We're so spread out, but they are definitely my rocks. I want to see more of them now. right now.

The lust list:
new trainers. already mine are falling apart. Someone was telling me that 'real' runners get a new pair each month. I'm not quite there yet
a lovely summer holiday. or even one at easter. That would  be nice too.

love sophie


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