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Sunday, 16 March 2014

/ weekly wind-down 11

You might have seen my 'on the verge' post on Wednesday, and some tweets complaining about the state of my feet.  Don't worry, we haven't reached goblin like proportions, but they are causing me sufficient pain to affect lecture attendance (oh the shame). 

this is my 'foot regime'. 
I ran ten miles this morning, however, in just under 110 minutes. That's a definite PB right there. I know it's nothing on real runners, but for me - it's brilliant :).

My mum also took me for another amazing day out - I'm so lucky she is willing to make the trek. She might have also just 'given' me a motorbike. News to come.

This week I am thankful for:
my mum buying me more food. I'm so hungry.
fun evenings in watching strange fims
finding my favourite shampoo in even bigger bottles
pumkin and pine nut waitrose pasta. It is honestly to die for

The lust list:
the weekly requests for new feet/ running footwear will be a permanent fixture.
a solution to the problem that is hair. I am seriously considering chopping of my locks and sporting a much shorter hairstyle - to save time and energy.
an adventure. someone suggest something outrageous.

love sophie


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