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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

| fitness | things hurt

Two weeks ago I ran a total of 28 miles. 

Last week it was 30.

Today I started with 6 of the 32 I have planned - hit a slow but proud pb (66 minutes)

Around seven hours later my body is telling me to stop.

I think I have overdone it.

I really do.

I stubbed my toe this morning, running on painkillers was fine but I'm now struggling to walk. Stairs are a real struggle and I collapsed after lunch in a forced nap which lasted just under an hour and a half.

I'm eating huge amounts of food and have continuous muscle pain - a weekend of travelling has done more damage than I thought it could :(. 

It's currently a fight to stay upright and get uni work done - yes, I'm ashamed to say this vigorous routine is now not only affecting my social life but my education too. The hardest thing is, people can see I'm struggling. They keep telling me to stop, which actually isn't helping. I need to be gently encouraged to keep going - the end result is what I'm working towards.

There isn't time for a week off either - 8 weeks until the 20 mile race. I'm supposed to be doing another half marathon run this weekend. 

Three dance classes a week are helping with posture, stretching and general muscle tone but again, I am in pain all the time.

Someone take me out of here.

i spent all of sunday in bed too.

love sophie


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