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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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Well this is fun. 

Get em off

I was on a hunt the other day in Boots. I needed a nail polish remover that would definitely remove the 5938475349875 layers of polish coating my nails - without staining my hands.

I have a hate-hate relationship with removing polish. The most uneventful occurrence was when  I let it grow out. That's not even a joke. I felt like I was setting a new trend. 

The claims
A highly effective way to remove false nails and overlays
Formula acts swiftly to dissolve artificial nails in 15 minutes, without harming or damaging your natural nail underneath
Also works superbly as an ultra-strength nail polish remove for natural nails
Elegant touch is a leading UK nail care  brand, providing every product you need to get fantastic looking hands and feet, fingers and toes

The reality
Bearing in mind I wasn't taking off acrylics - I was removing varnish this stuff was magical.
I went for the soaking my nails approach - remember I had at least 5 layers on each nail (I get bored and go crazy). 
Almost immediately the bowl was full of red - the polish was just melting off. I also didn't end up with that undesirable staining of my finger tips - bane of my life.

Price - £2.65

Rapid dry for nails 

Who would say no to a buy one get one free offer.

The claims
'The perfect French manicure can all be ruined at the last minute with the tiniest of smudges. That's why Rapid dry Spray was developed.
The instant you finish applying your nail polish, simply spray on Rapid Dry to quickly dry the polish and seal your manicure
A much needed tool for flawless nails.'

The reality
Painting my nails is so stressful. I think it's dry, but it's really not. You check it twice, get changed and have stripes of colour on favourite items of clothing. 

You jump in the shower and end up with it pockmarked and half off.

sleeping with wet nails is a whole new experience.

Why does it just not dry?

I have seen a number of negative reviews for this product - many people complain about discoloration or it simply not working. They also say that it leaves a strange oily residue on their hands after use or changes the texture of the polish itself.

I personally am happy with the product. Admittedly, the times I use it are with Rimmel, H&M and OPI varnishes (I have greatest number of issues with them) but with these - it works. 
Yes, it gets all over your hands. Soap and water are a great answer to that - a small price to pay for solid varnish. 

I don't think I'll be running out to replace this product when I use it up, but I won't write it off.

love sophie


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