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Sunday, 23 March 2014

/ weekly wind-down 12

What a week. I hate complaining and it's been one of the things I'm struggling to accept that comes hand in hand with training. Normally I have no issues with being upbeat and bubbly, but it has had to become a very conscious effort to stop frowning. 

Friday was probably one of my lowest days this year. I felt ill, my joints were very painful and to top it off I was an emotional wreck following an unsuccessful gym trip...  it took a while for reality to sink in - my happiness shouldn't be governed by something so trivial. However from a training perspective my weekly mileage was at an all time low of just 10 and my diet had gone to pieces.

In an attempt to drag me out of my duvet, a friend suggested visiting the local park, which comes along with goats and ducks (I mistook those for rabbits - I didn't have glasses on).


Saturday I smashed my 5km time. We ran it at the local Park run, the atmosphere is awesome!!

28.04 - nothing special but it was the first time I felt like I was in control of my pace. 

This week I am thankful for:
teapig peppermint and liquorice tea. If you are like me and struggle with sugar cravings this is the solution. I promise. 
patient friends.
some of the most inspiring lecturers ever - they seriously love their jobs

i'm going to employ a photographer so they aren't always awkward angle selfies. 

The lust list:
I would be most grateful for a family easter. When I was younger we used to have everyone round and would spend all day eating and catching up.
pudding please.

love sophie


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

| beauty | review | Elegant Touch

Well this is fun. 

Get em off

I was on a hunt the other day in Boots. I needed a nail polish remover that would definitely remove the 5938475349875 layers of polish coating my nails - without staining my hands.

I have a hate-hate relationship with removing polish. The most uneventful occurrence was when  I let it grow out. That's not even a joke. I felt like I was setting a new trend. 

The claims
A highly effective way to remove false nails and overlays
Formula acts swiftly to dissolve artificial nails in 15 minutes, without harming or damaging your natural nail underneath
Also works superbly as an ultra-strength nail polish remove for natural nails
Elegant touch is a leading UK nail care  brand, providing every product you need to get fantastic looking hands and feet, fingers and toes

The reality
Bearing in mind I wasn't taking off acrylics - I was removing varnish this stuff was magical.
I went for the soaking my nails approach - remember I had at least 5 layers on each nail (I get bored and go crazy). 
Almost immediately the bowl was full of red - the polish was just melting off. I also didn't end up with that undesirable staining of my finger tips - bane of my life.

Price - £2.65

Rapid dry for nails 

Who would say no to a buy one get one free offer.

The claims
'The perfect French manicure can all be ruined at the last minute with the tiniest of smudges. That's why Rapid dry Spray was developed.
The instant you finish applying your nail polish, simply spray on Rapid Dry to quickly dry the polish and seal your manicure
A much needed tool for flawless nails.'

The reality
Painting my nails is so stressful. I think it's dry, but it's really not. You check it twice, get changed and have stripes of colour on favourite items of clothing. 

You jump in the shower and end up with it pockmarked and half off.

sleeping with wet nails is a whole new experience.

Why does it just not dry?

I have seen a number of negative reviews for this product - many people complain about discoloration or it simply not working. They also say that it leaves a strange oily residue on their hands after use or changes the texture of the polish itself.

I personally am happy with the product. Admittedly, the times I use it are with Rimmel, H&M and OPI varnishes (I have greatest number of issues with them) but with these - it works. 
Yes, it gets all over your hands. Soap and water are a great answer to that - a small price to pay for solid varnish. 

I don't think I'll be running out to replace this product when I use it up, but I won't write it off.

love sophie



Sunday, 16 March 2014

/ weekly wind-down 11

You might have seen my 'on the verge' post on Wednesday, and some tweets complaining about the state of my feet.  Don't worry, we haven't reached goblin like proportions, but they are causing me sufficient pain to affect lecture attendance (oh the shame). 

this is my 'foot regime'. 
I ran ten miles this morning, however, in just under 110 minutes. That's a definite PB right there. I know it's nothing on real runners, but for me - it's brilliant :).

My mum also took me for another amazing day out - I'm so lucky she is willing to make the trek. She might have also just 'given' me a motorbike. News to come.

This week I am thankful for:
my mum buying me more food. I'm so hungry.
fun evenings in watching strange fims
finding my favourite shampoo in even bigger bottles
pumkin and pine nut waitrose pasta. It is honestly to die for

The lust list:
the weekly requests for new feet/ running footwear will be a permanent fixture.
a solution to the problem that is hair. I am seriously considering chopping of my locks and sporting a much shorter hairstyle - to save time and energy.
an adventure. someone suggest something outrageous.

love sophie


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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

| fitness | things hurt

Two weeks ago I ran a total of 28 miles. 

Last week it was 30.

Today I started with 6 of the 32 I have planned - hit a slow but proud pb (66 minutes)

Around seven hours later my body is telling me to stop.

I think I have overdone it.

I really do.

I stubbed my toe this morning, running on painkillers was fine but I'm now struggling to walk. Stairs are a real struggle and I collapsed after lunch in a forced nap which lasted just under an hour and a half.

I'm eating huge amounts of food and have continuous muscle pain - a weekend of travelling has done more damage than I thought it could :(. 

It's currently a fight to stay upright and get uni work done - yes, I'm ashamed to say this vigorous routine is now not only affecting my social life but my education too. The hardest thing is, people can see I'm struggling. They keep telling me to stop, which actually isn't helping. I need to be gently encouraged to keep going - the end result is what I'm working towards.

There isn't time for a week off either - 8 weeks until the 20 mile race. I'm supposed to be doing another half marathon run this weekend. 

Three dance classes a week are helping with posture, stretching and general muscle tone but again, I am in pain all the time.

Someone take me out of here.

i spent all of sunday in bed too.

love sophie


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Monday, 10 March 2014

/ life fail / the run.

Picture the scene.

It's 6am. The world is asleep except for me. I am out running. Pounding the streets if you will. Wearing far too few layers for the North my breath forms a continuous stream of condensation clouds. I could barely keep my eyes open and was half awake.

one earphone in, and one out - to ensure I can hear the world around me (cars can be a problem), but that's okay because my music is awesome.

There's a part of my run which takes me over a red bridge, it's around 200m across and I love to sprint it - don't ask.

As I neared the bridge I picked up the pace, turned a corner


straight into a solid object.

My balance was off so I bounced straight backwards into a hedge and then a puddle. On my bum. It hurt.

It also took far too long to work out what had just happened. My tired brain worked its way upwards, taking in the other person in a puddle and the streetlight which had stopped working seconds earlier.

The other person?

I tried again.

I think I had just run into another human being.

 He too was struggling to comprehend the situation, we both had music blaring from strewn headphones and were just sitting in puddles.

'Well' (Icebreaker right there)

'that wasn't quite what was meant to happen' He stood up and helped me up too, inspecting the damage. We both awkwardly laughed, exchanged notes about the weather, a need for reflective clothing and how early it was. Then just started running in opposite directions.

I wonder if we will ever meet again.

My memorabilia was a huge bruise on my hip and soaked trainers.

I think I'm in love.

love sophie


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Sunday, 9 March 2014

/ weekly wind-down 10

This week has been one of fun, food and failing.

Friday was an incredibly strange night out in bath. I had quite an eventful journey to say the least, and then upon arrival realised I had completely forgotten my shoes - thankfully following just under an hour of grovelling I managed to borrow a particularly fetching pair

I can come off very rude when you first meet me, and that honestly isn't my intention. I just say the first thing that comes into my head - uncensored and sometimes a tad sharp. I made three and a half enemies that night.

I also only needed one cider to get tipsy. The jaeger-bomb pushed me into drunk, and then a vodka and coke over the edge. High five for the light-weights.

I also hate my smile. For some reason I was actually going to type ovaries there (I'm watching strange TV). I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with you. Very un-blogging-professional. I'll just continue this monologue shall I?
I hate my smile and always avoid smiling in photos. I think having braces made me really self-conscious of my teeth - oh and someone recently told me it made me look awful. Cheers.
I'll work on that ovary.

This week I am thankful for:
tolerant friends.
a good primer (the Benefit one) - you don't want your face sliding off
the ability to function on around 2 hours sleep - quality, not quantity people
did I mention I love my dad. he waited 3 hours to pick me up from the station when I had that disastrous journey and only made me iron three shirts in return.

aren't we adorable? 
The lust list:
an ability to be organised (i lost my train tickets in the freezer)
replaceable feet (mine are suffering)

Next week I'm resting, recuperating and actually going to do some uni work.

love sophie


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| life | travelling.

This week has been the week of mileage. Having run a total of 30 miles and been transported 800+ I'm feeling all over the place.

Thing is. When I'm in public things always go wrong.

Take thursday for instance. To put it simply, the plan was to catch the 5.32 from Newcastle and arrive in Banbury at around 9.30.

Things were going well. I was early, had bought a coffee from Costa and was happily reading a copy of Cosmo. Normally I'm blind because I lose my glasses in the bottom of my rucksack, but being prepared they were already on my face. 

Climbing onto the train I inspected the luggage rack. There was no room on the lower shelf so my ridiculously heavy suitcase would need throwing upwards. As I grabbed it to lift, my hand slipped and lashed out. Now. Ordinarily that would have been fine, I would have sliced through empty space and not had any further issues. But in this instance, a man blocked my way.

Not any man. This man was quite tall. Tall enough that my fist collided directly with his groin.

That sinking feeling.

'Oh Sophie. What have you done?'

Immediately I screamed and stepped backwards (into someone else), before attempting to fit in as many apologies as possible. He hadn't actually moved, and was just standing very still, with a pained expression. Second attempt at stowing my luggage was more successful and I was able to run to my seat, still saying sorry and feeling terrible.

I had hoped that I wouldn't have to see him ever again - we were in First Class and it had been essentially empty when I booked. He walked closer and then checked his ticket. He looked at me, then my seat, then his ticket and then the seat opposite.


We shared an awkward smile as he sat down across from me, before I died inside.
There were a number of things running through my head:
- he probably had fertility problems
- and will now forever blame me
- instead of his inadequate testicles.
- I kind of hope he's a woman

That journey actually took 8 hours. We didn't speak a word, and he refused to meet my eyes. We passed Sheffield three times.

I wanted to apologise again - really I did, but my shame and embarrassment got the better of me and I was scared I'd dribble instead.

The next day, when travelling to Bath I almost missed my first train, got on the wrong one second time round and ended up in First Class again for the third.


Don't forget the fact that yesterday I dropped the entire contents of my rucksack all over the floor. Because I'd packed it hurriedly it contained a lot, a strange mixture at that.

4 cans of diet coke.
Approximately 8 straws.
One bright blue bra.
two apples.
2 cereal bars
a denim jacket
perfume (3 types)
smarties (they also spilled too, so it was a double mess)
an assortment of lipsticks and nail varnish
and so on.

Initially, I considered just leaving it all there, but people were giving me weird looks. After about fifteen minutes I started to crawl around - it must have been hilarious because I kept stopping and sighing, hitting my head and texting people updates. Ya know.

this photo is rude. don't do it kids.
So yes. Travelling is fun when you can't find your rail card.

Or if you're me.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

/ weekly wind-down 9

I tried out a contemporary dance class on wednesday. Wow. I didn't realise quite how uncoordinated I am until I ran into another dancers face. No one seemed to mind though - apparently it was so graceful. 

This is my mum - you haven't really seen much of her yet.

She took myself and the boy to Carluccio's for lunch (yes the ex-boy, but still a boy).
Remember how I said it was my absolute favourite place to eat?

Oh. we were waiting a solid hour for the food.
But that's okay because I was secretly eating biscuits under the table. The waiter, without a doubt, noticed.

She's so wise.
She was also, sadly, the bringer of some not so great news. 
It's taken a few hours to sink in, but I might need some down time from the blogging front. Will do my best to get next weeks weekly wind-down up, but no promises.

This week I am thankful for:
running all the miles I have. suddenly training feels like it's having an impact and my body feels bouncy (and wobbly....)
Family. We're so spread out, but they are definitely my rocks. I want to see more of them now. right now.

The lust list:
new trainers. already mine are falling apart. Someone was telling me that 'real' runners get a new pair each month. I'm not quite there yet
a lovely summer holiday. or even one at easter. That would  be nice too.

love sophie


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