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Sunday, 23 February 2014

/ weekly wind-down 8

This week has been perfect.

On wednesday I changed hair colour again. I got a bit emotional as the hairdresser applied dark brown to my overly bleached locks - I realised I hide far too much behind that outrageous head of hair. Admittedly, I kept it an obvious unnatural shade so that if it looked bad I could blame it on a dodgy bleaching session. Going back to basic brown took away that excuse. I now have to style my hair.

I flew home at the weekend. Turns out the dad secretly signed me up to help at a rowing race he had organised. 

It's honestly the only way I get to spend time with him - he's the busiest man on the planet. 

believe it or not. he's going through a phase of making me take pictures of us and put them on facebook. I promise, I don't necessarily want bald men on my timeline.
From an entirely rowers perspective these floods have been a nightmare. No club has had a good winter of training and the knock on effect will be seen later on in the season. The tidal stretch of the Thames has been at a record high with a stronger stream than most are used to. The race that my dad organised? He had to remove all novice entries and change the start time to coincide with the supposed 'flood' - where the river should be coming in. However, the picture above shows 'low' tide where it's definitely still ebbing. Hah. 

This week I am thankful for:
the incredible weather - not being flooded. sending a lot of love to those who are :(
my new perfume. oops...
having a job as flexible as mine

this photograph is definitely not after i fell in.
The lust list:
a teleport system. I love travelling to see my dad but it's exhausting (you try 600 miles in two days)
new sensible shoes!! suggestions please?
a new recipe book... in need of inspiration!

love sophie


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