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Sunday, 9 February 2014

/ weekly wind-down 6

I ran 8 miles on Wednesday - we ended up at the coast. Felt justified in stopping as otherwise we'd have to swim..

Plus. Valentines is on Friday - if I get asked another time if I'm sad I'm single things will kick off.

This week I am thankful for
Three new dresses from ASOS. three!
the weather changing. subtlety, yes, but it's there. The sun is flexing people.
my new hand blender - falafel making has never been such a breeze...
my mum taking me to Carluccio's for lunch. in case you were wondering - yes that is my absolute favourite place to dine. take notes.

The lust list
new running trainers and a sports bra. mine are bearing the brunt of a fairly intense workout schedule. sorry.
to be able to do the splits - not a biggie, but i need a new party trick.

if only you saw this side on. i'm so far off it's not even funny.
love sophie


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