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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

/ i miss home.

You might have gathered I spend half my life travelling. Not even to anywhere exciting - just up and down the country. With my mum now living just north of York I have yet another journey to learn and it's exhausting!

I cannot wait for the day I have somewhere to truly call home - where I can unpack and not have to move out for a good few years! 

At present, the small house up a hill is home.

I love being outside - even in the rain! These are a few photos I like to glance at when I'm feeling unsettled. I take them when I'm aimlessly wandering around - so they're calming. Don't worry, I'm under no illusions regarding skill, just that I like taking photos.

Candid shots make me feel so sneaky, but they completely capture a person. This is how much concentration is on his face when turning it on - I'm still teaching copy and paste....

Yes there are a lot of car selfies. Amazingly - my dad requests them. We'll be driving along and he'll go 'where's the whatsit?' (by which he means, my phone) and demand that not only do I snap a shot - but that he gets to examine it right then and there. On the motorway.
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