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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

| beauty | review | Alterna | Bamboo Range 48 hour Sustainable Volume Spray

This is another one of my British Beauty Blogger products. I wasn't too excited by a volume boost, I always skim over this type of product in the shops (I have far too many others to be buying!!).

The claims
Natural good for you ingredients and clinically proven formulas, Alterna Haircare's product will transform your hair in just one use. 
Bamboo 48 Hour sustainable volume spray is a weightless spray that immediately thickens each strand, amplifying full bodied all over volume that last for 48 hours. 

The reality 
I used the spray on wet hair before drying it with my hair dryer. 

As I always mention - my hair is fairly voluminous anyway, so it had to be sprayed onto the roots and keep there! On my first application I was a bit worried it would just make my hair huge, and give it a horrible texture.

It lasted for ages - I normally forget about my hair during the day at uni , but I'll be honest and say that I felt more blow-dried and bouncy. Thankfully, it also didn't make it feel greasy or stiff (something I hate about hair products). It smells pretty sophisticated too. 

It is a bit unnecessary however. If you have really thin hair and are looking for a 'healthy' alternative then I'd recommend it. Back-combing and hairspray works just as well though and works out a little cheaper. This is a 'I have eighteen pounds spare to spend on something extravagant for my hair' kind of thing.

Price - £18.00

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