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Sunday, 8 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 22

I'm getting a bit lazy when it comes to these posts now.

As in, I got up at 7 today just so I could bum around on the internet for half an hour. Then I had to do some work, go rowing, go coaching, go to the gym and buy a new iphone charger. Lazy.

my dad and I a ridiculously long time ago. I can't even begin to comprehend that.
This week I like:
Making bath bombs in my kitchen. That was quite possibly the messiest thing I've done in a while.

My friend dyed her ginger hair blonde and it looks incredible. I tried getting mine blonde but as always, it looks mediocre at best - like most things I do. You'd think I'd be more accepting of it by now. She also let me practically live in her house for the duration of the week and then cooked myself and a different human a dinner to die for - most of which I ate.

The sun. For the first year in a long time I'm enjoying the warmer weather. I'm sure that when temperatures hit 'unbearable' then I'll start complaining again. Enjoy while it lasts.

This is kind of a like and not-like situation. Don't get me wrong, it's fun being home and seeing friends I haven't seen in so long, but at the same time, I miss uni. I miss lectures, my coursemates, and most of all, my housemates. Well, ex-housemates. They've gone now and I didn't get to say a proper goodbye due to a clerical error and two missed trips back up. I'll miss them a lot.

I've spent so much time in this station,  it's nearly a second home. Well. That's an exaggeration, but shit son I don't want to go back anytime soon..., 

The lust list:
Lust sounds so sordid.

But yes. I long for a proper holiday, not one interspersed with things to do. My inability to say no is definitely becoming a problem and I think I'm going to run a-ground soon.

Sorry. I can't get away from boat references anymore.

there's a snake in my boot.

sophs xxx

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