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Sunday, 5 January 2014

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Currently I'm taking a break from drying my hair (you don't hear that everyday) following a 2 hour workout at the gym.

Yeah. 2 hours. 

pre-gym, i'm not impressed
Isn't that utterly ridiculous? And before any of you fitness nerds say anything - it is a mixture of interval training and base level fitness work (+ weights).

15 minutes on the static bike - increasing from level 4 every 2 minutes (that will mean nothing unless you go to my gym)
10 minutes on the spinning bike (30s level 8, 30s level 6)
25 minutes on the rowing machine rate capped at 20
1 hour on the treadmill ( you can only imagine my boredom. my daydreams got a bit... askljhgadfklbn)
20 minutes of weights '2' above my usual.

I now feel like a man having to go 'downstairs' and use the bars - but I guess I look like one too. 

[I'm now straightening my hair whilst watching a Poodle Grooming programme. This one looks like a clown]

With only 3 weeks to go, I'm pulling out all of the stops to prepare my body to be pushed beyond it's limits. Having accepted I won't probably complete a full 10 mile run prior to the race, it's currently written off as a crawl. The only bit I now can truly work on is upper body strength to haul myself up and over the obstacles.

Or I need to find a strong man to carry me.

Either way. Help me.

post gym. i did it :)
I also got asked today if I was adopted - apparently I look so little like my Dad the only plausible explanation is adoption.

love sophie

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