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Friday, 17 January 2014

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This post got inappropriate. I'm so sorry.


The claims
The most explosive, beautiful lashes ever!
Fast glide formula - loads on big, sleek volume instantly.
Something about being easy to remove too.

The reality

I contemplated uploading a picture of my own eyelashes - but if there was one thing that would put you off this product - that would be my face on this current morning.

An application at 7am lasted easily through until 5pm without smudges, at which point I hit the gym. Surprisingly - it was my eye-shadow which left me with panda eyes - the mascara stayed put, which, given my propensity to cry on the treadmill is very impressive.

First off. Packaging. I don't usually say this, but I'm almost 100% the shape of the lid actually helps in application, and the wand stops too much smudge... Sorry I got distracted by the fact it's quite a sexual product. Rocket.

The formula (like I know science) is thick and wet (it's getting worse) - so as long as you don't sneeze then you're all good. It's surprisingly good at building volume given the shape of the brush, but you have to be quite nifty to successfully coat the inner lashes. It is dry but doesn't crumble and holds a nice curl.

Removing that stuff, however, was a whole different saga and I ended up jumping in the shower and dealing with the black running down my face.

I would recommend if you are looking for a fairly priced everyday mascara to add some volume to lashes - but for the evening 'falsies' look we will need to try elsewhere. This is another marmite product to add to the list - you have to like it to like it.

Hope that helped.

love sophie


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