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Monday, 20 January 2014

/ beauty / review / H&M nail varnish - matte metallic

Pre-christmas splurge biting me on the bum. 

These were all £1 each and tantalizing by the checkout. Probably should have given them away but I'm selfish. 

The reality
If you have ever used H&M nail varnishes you will know they do not last. You will know they chip, and stain and are generally hard to apply.

But I still stubbornly buy and use them because deep down I love the fact they are cheap and I feel justified in having poorly painted nails - blame the product.

The matte could have been more matte, but surprisingly the colour is duochrome (you can't really see in the pictures) but for a one night wear this stuff is perfect.

H&M nail varnishes are actually getting better - they have a much wider range of colours AND in comparison to the more expensive ones they're practically throwaways.

love sophie


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