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Monday, 20 January 2014

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I have spent all my student loan. It must be a record.

you can see my reflection if you look hard enough.
Warming mineral mask

The claims
This cleansing mask for all skin types warms on contact with wet skin. It leaves skin clean and revitalized.
- Cleansing
- Oil absorbing
- Weekly treatment

The reality
I like this mask. It's quick and easy - and you can feel it working. It's not a really thick consistency so you don't make a complete mess. I've been using it on mornings where I feel sluggish and a bit 'ugh' and I've been loving the change it makes. The warming sensation is so nice - if you watch your face you can see it go slightly pink as the circulation is boosted and the old pores are opened up.

It's really easy to wash off and my skin felt refreshed - quite often masks leave my skin dry and a bit tight. I'll definitely agree with the whole oil absorbing claim - and there is a temptation to use it more than twice a week, but please don't - your skin needs to balance itself out.

Another reason I like this mask is because it doesn't smell like ginger (a pet hate of mine), it's a gentle clay scent instead.

I'm going to give this one a strong recommendation - because honestly it's a great all rounder, and feels like most skin types would have a good time. I think it's time I explored more of The Body Shops skincare range.

Price - £10.00

Sensual massage oil

I've bought this product before and last time didn't realise it was the sensual one - smelt it, bought it. I like putting oil on my calves after a long workout to massage out the kinks. So I bought it again. Duh.

The claims
This massage oil has a warm and sensual aroma
- Suitable for all skin types
- Conditioning
- Ideal for COUPLES (hahahaha.)

The reality
Right. Now we know this is a more seductive number you're not going to be able to take this review seriously.
Scent-wise is rich and floral with some citrus notes - I liked it more than their other ones, hence why I bought it. Suitable for all skin types (agreed) it's actually made my skin feel amazing, not greasy, just soft and smooooooth and you really don't have to use a lot.

There's not much you can say for a massage oil - a lot of it is down to the skill of those involved.  Did my calves feel great because of the oil or because I know which bits of muscle to prod? You'll just have to get out there and try it out for yourselves ;) - treat yourself to a well deserved night in.

I also feel this is important to mention. Don't eat it.

Price - £10.00

Tea tree blemish fade night lotion

The claims
A lightweight soothing gel creme for blemished skin
- Replenishes moisture overnight
- Leaves skin looking matte
- Antibacterial action
- Clinically proven to give clearer looking skin

The reality
I bought this because my recent night-time skin care routine was lacking. Sure, I'd take everything off, but then leave my skin to fend for itself during the dark. How mean.

This is meant to be the last thing you put on your skin before bed so I've been leaving it by my bedside so I don't forget. I've been applying it to my problem areas and thankfully the Tea Tree smell is fairly mild. It soaks in very quickly - something of a plus given how many beauty products used to end up on my pillowcase.

I'll say this now - it does lighten blemishes. I can't say that my skin looks a lot more matte (that's not been my biggest issue) but it hasn't done anything negative.
Yes, £9.00 is a lot for such a tiny bottle, but the coverage is incredible and I feel this stuff is going to last a while, even with daily (nightly) usage.

Price - £9.00

I feel very lucky to have had such success on all three of my products!! Probably means I'm going to get hit by a lorry now...

love sophie


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