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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

| life fail | wardrobe malfunctions | 2014

ohhhhh 2014.

- - -

This past week I have flashed more to the general public than is really necessary.

Take saturday.

In circumstances we don't need to discuss, my bra broke. MY BRA BROKE IN PUBLIC. This isn't even the first time that's happened, but it's the first I haven't had a back up. I quite literally was a walking, talking, nipple flashing, hysterical woman - who had a job to do.

Oh, and there were teenage boys roaming.

Thankfully, a delightful woman chased me down with some safety pins and secured the offending anatomy into a barely make-shift piece of undergarment. For the rest of the day I was awkwardly aware of the possibility of popping out - made all the worse due to a poor choice of push-up bra. So much popping potential.

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride and ended up with my entire bum on show. I had decided to wear leggings which had made it round an obstacle course - durable, you'd think. A small hole on the seam had passed me by - something I only clocked around half a mile from my house. By that point, I was too far gone to head home, and crossed my fingers the stitching would hold.

It didn't. Passing some kind of wedding party I felt the hole catch on my seat and that was that really. By this point I was two miles from home, and cycling was only making the issue worse. Walking that one home was a bit of a ballache.

Hey but that's okay, because we're back on flashing tit.

Returning a parcel to the post office has never been so stressful. ASOS in one hand, Urban Outfitters in the other I was happily strolling down the road. Approaching was a babble of small children. I can't identify age, only that they were under 3ft maybe? Anyway. The leader, of the blonde variety, came charging towards me, I sidestepped, he tripped. Natural instinct took over and he grabbed onto the first thing he could. My slightly loose dress.

The two mothers who were shepherding the little gang shot me a look that could kill. Given I had full hands (phone, iPod and parcels) I couldn't quickly rectify the situation and that must have made things all the worse for it.

At least, I had decided to wear a nice bra. God forbid I flashed unprepared.

the offending dress. correctly worn


Sunday, 6 July 2014

| weekly wind-down 26

This week was awesome.

I had my friends round for a casual evening of pimms and strawberry laces, and then it was Henley Regatta.

For those of you not in the know, it's quite a big deal in the rowing world.

My dad, being a member of the prestigious Stewards Enclosure allows myself and my sister to bring friends along to really experience the event.

The friday I took Ross, my faithful and amazing obstacle race partner.

He had a few problems with his tie, but we'll forget about that - he's from a different part of the country... 

For the Saturday, I managed to blag a few more tickets.

I was so in awe of how beautiful my friends looked (even the boys), and I would love to have the opportunity to do it more often.

This week I'm loving

Summer fun. 

I dunno though, sometimes things get a little intense. I've been struggling (as always) to stay upright all the time, and sometimes it all gets a bit fuzzy round the edges.

Rediscovering old music. I used to listen to some really great tunes. I bet you're jealous. Because, I sure am.

50771. If you can guess what that number means I'll buy you some jelly beans.



Sunday, 29 June 2014

| fitness | The Suffering

Saturday was quite possibly the most fun I've had doing an obstacle race to date. Don't get me wrong, Ross H is my race partner. We've been through some of the toughest times together and come out the other side smiling and/or delirious - but nothing beats racing as a group. Nothing beats the shared camaraderie, falls, slips and tumbles that come from six pairs of uncoordinated feet attempting to fit through a gap too small.

G, Ricky, Ross N, Alec, myself and Nick. What a team.
Climbing over the walls as a group made life easier, and whilst group racing is definitely a slower process, it's one I hope to be able to experience again.

Race prep
Ensuring all the above individuals were ready to race was far more stressful than I had anticipated. I guess I take it for granted that Ross H is stronger, faster and slightly more determined than me, but I shouldn't have worried - these boys didn't need to train at all. In fact, quite annoyingly, they barely struggled one bit. 

I'd been running with Nick, G and Ricky for a few months prior, bashing out terrain running and river path sprints. We hadn't done any obstacle practice as a group (albeit one accidental fence whilst lost) but the boys at least looked strong, so it would just come down to technique.

Two days before race day - guess what? I was sick... literally. Throwing up my guts over the 24 hour period and essentially undoing all my hard work the week before. Battered from Total Warrior, I did my best not to completely feel sorry for myself and decided not to tell the boys about it for fear they would think I was bringing excuses to the table.

The day
The distance to the race was a little bit of a challenge. 2 hours by car - and we were wave one. That meant leaving the house at 7am. I'm an acceptable morning person, but that is really pushing it. Thankfully I'd put together what could be classed as quite possibly the best ever road trip CD in existence. It comes naturally to me, I'm afraid.

Upon arrival we were neatly 'tetrised' into the car park - within 100m of the start line. Facilities were minimal, but sufficient. We spied out the cold shower early on, a treat against the muddy commute of last week and my bath on the train - oh Elaine.

Registration was quick and before long we were ushered towards the start line for a mandatory warm up.

I have to admit, the first few obstacles of this race were some of my favourites. Clambering over piles of tyres and vaulting those intended for tractors is refreshing against the usual hay bales. I can't deal with hay bales. Spectators were given the opportunity to throw wet sponges and flour on unsuspecting competitors crawling under nets - great.

Unfortunately, we encountered the first and only bottleneck within the kilometre, and that definitely dampened the mood. Monkey bars. I'm not going to kid myself, these are things that I will never be able to do, so standing in quite a long queue to just jump pathetically at the frame felt a little pointless.

There was a slight mis-communication on one of the following obstacles, leading to our cameraman 'G' having to endure abuse and roll around in disgusting pond water. That will teach him for sprinting past everyone else.

We all got horrifically wet and muddy here, and that seemed to be the ongoing theme throughout.

The next few miles were taxing on our feet, and I was relieved to see what was essentially a giant slip 'n' slide. Because we're all idiots, we jumped on it together. That's not particularly wise, nor is it pain free - just for future reference okay?

Post fun, we were presented with water filled containers and told to carry them over a short section of terrain, frame included. I'm guessing more than 15kg, but I can't really tell with these kind of things.

I feel I should point out that I was having significant difficulties with my leggings of choice. I have lost a small amount of weight off my hips - coupled with them being jersey material meant they were essentially falling down throughout. Luckily my vest was tucked in or else we'd have had real bum exposure.

The course was definitely long - it felt closer to 10 than 5. The hills were also relentless, so not as easy course as we had hoped.

As we neared the final section, there was a fair amount of mud and water - and more hills. The punishing section of sprinting up a steep hill before running back down ten times really pulled on reserves in my thighs - that burn (again). You got to jump into a disgusting pool not long after,  before running it off in the woods.

Turning towards the car park you were presented by a water filled tank with netting over the top. Thankfully it was more forgiving than the 'Cage Crawl' of Tough Mudder - so really, it was a crawl in the park. My team weren't impressed when I insisted we did the squats and star jumps as one unit - it meant some of the boys doubled the amount they had to do. The reapers were on form with making us all spin on the spot until dizzy - it made for an interesting entry back into the pool.

One last run through a stream - pushing through a horrific amount of sharp foliage and then we turned towards the final straight. Tyre wall, then slanted walls, then the rugby players - with some nets in between.

This was my first ever obstacle race in which the rugby players took me out - normally me talking nicely allows for a cheeky sidestep and walk around. Not here, instead they counted down from 3 and just knocked me to the ground. Straight down.

One last wall.

you can quite clearly see that my leggings were no longer covering the essential bits. 
I have to admit, the boys helped me a lot. And they didn't begrudge me one bit. They're the best. 

I got in trouble sprinting ahead over the line.

What we took away
I had so much fun. We were grinning the whole way round. Surprisingly, it was me who struggled the most. Perhaps, this was because I had over-trained the week before without resting post Total Warrior and my body genuinely had nothing left in the tank. Silly me.

It's also clear that you don't have to be super super fit for these kind of events. Yes, some training may be necessary or it would be no fun at all, but it's all about taking it at your own pace and smiling.

Either way, I'm still so happy they all came and tried it out.


okay you got me. i actually like being inappropriately dressed in public.

love sophadoph xxx

| weekly wind-down 25

Yesterday was awesome (AGAIN). Despite waking up at 5am, driving for two hours, racing, having lunch, driving home for two hours, showering, going to a BBQ and then eating all the food I could manage - I still had the energy to go for a run this morning. 

Hey, only two miles though. 

This week I am thankful for
My friends placing all their trust in me and entering a 'stupid obstacle race'. I don't think they realise how happy it made me to have them there - and for them to give it their all. I'm sitting here with a stupid grin because there's nothing better than doing something you enjoy than doing it with the support of friends.

We then went to G's for one of his famous BBQ's. Food is where the fun is at, and I promise, I'm getting a lot of that.

love sophie xox


Saturday, 28 June 2014

| fitness | Total Warrior (10km)

We got a bit cocky after Dirty Weekend. Kind of a 'we did the longest race ever, we can quite literally do anything'. Ross has started behaving ridiculously in public (I can't say what, as it might get him in trouble), I dyed my hair pink and both forgot this race existed. Luckily our base fitness could be class as 'not too shabby', so 8 miles wasn't the most difficult thing, but it was still a push towards the end.

My fitness
As I say, I fell off the training bandwagon. Mileage which was once pushing 40 miles a week hit an all time low a few weeks before with a total of 5. 5 miles across seven days is hardly training. That's just running for a bus every day (when do I ever get the bus?!).

he wanted his number low down so people could see his muscles
We're getting into a proper little routine pre-race, and don't feel half the stress we once did.

Ross still can't use safety pins, nor get his timing chip to sit properly on his trainer - that's my main role in our team.

The Day before

The day before I moved out of my house in Newcastle and didn't really do anything vaguely conditioning. Sorry muscles. Packing boxes in twenty degree heat is hardly easy, so I was actually a little sore and worked up a mild sweat, not drinking or eating as I really should have been.

Sitting in the car for 6 hours in total is definitely not ideal so I spent the evening at my mums doing all I could to unpick the tightness in my legs.

The Day itself
Sometimes being in a late heat can be more nerve-wracking than being in an early one. What to eat? When to get dressed? How hot?


I ate two chicken sandwiches and a slice of flapjack pre-race. I felt full to burst and a bit sick.

Registration was easy - the only bit we didn't enjoy was the face sticker tattoo things. I am not a walking advertisement thank you.

The first obstacle (Leg it) was one of the most brutal a race has thrown at us. For the supposed warm up challenge they were really mean - running up and down a ridiculously steep hill was punishing. Given the number of walkers straight after I'm quite glad I had Ross running behind me kicking my heels and bellowing 'pump it' at the back of my head - that leg burn. Getting up hills is definitely something you need to practice, it properly hurts.

The first kilometre flew past taking us into a woody section. In here, Beechers Brook, Widow Maker, Log Bog Scramble and Worm Muncher all blurred into one long squelch through mud. Crawling under and over and wading through quite literally the thickest sludge ever. I've definitely made that claim about the conditions at a race before, but this one takes the biscuit. People were getting properly stuck up to their waists and needed around three burly men to get them out.

The Channel Crossing washed us down a little, followed by more mud and climbing. I'm so glad about my decision to wear my new Inov8 X-Talon 212's. Where Ross was sliding backwards, I was gliding forwards. We were definitely moving up the pack in this section. The next few obstacles comprised of the usual jumping, ducking, crawling and general moving up and over. The 'Grand National' was where I got my first ever proper injury - my own fault but I baulked at the 8ft drop off a wall and essentially landed on my elbow. Not going to lie, that was genuinely sufficient pain to make me think I'd broken it. However, I still had 5 miles to go, and Ross had already run off. Ah well, you deal with these things after the race.

Cliff Hanger is something we've now experienced three times, but this was the hardest version. Instead of one long ledge to hang off and shuffle along with your feet, you had to jump sideways, and climb up and down, using very small blocks to support your body weight. Oh, and the water beneath was deep.

More water after this point, thank god it wasn't too cold, before tunnels, tyres and more log climbing and a very long slog across the fields.

You start to use other members of your wave as points of reference - Ross and I had caught the attention of a group of five topless boys. Probably a couple of years older than us, they were getting increasingly frustrated at our non-stop pace. Their technique involved running very fast for maybe half a mile before taking a break. And every time they took a break we'd be there, just chugging along. Past experience taught us that you can run as slowly as you like as long as you don't walk. Walking breaks the rhythm.

We experienced fire, crawling, more hills and ditches before moving through the Sprint King, The Shocker, Peaks of Pain and finally monkey bars.

The only disappointment was the lack of medals crossing the line - we love our shiny prizes.

What we took away
I don't know what it was, but to date, the enjoyment level from this race was at its highest. I think because we had found it far easier than Dirty Weekend and Tough Guy (for obvious reasons) it hadn't felt so stressful.

We felt comfortable the whole way round and held a good pace against those in our wave. It's refreshing to catch those who set off twenty minutes before our start time, whereas usually we're clinging on to the back end.  It was our strongest finish, for the final two miles we pushed up the pace and held it.

Using my results as a benchmark, we've definitely improved since Dirty Weekend. 

why can't run like a girl mean also win the race?

Ross Howard - 02:05:20
- category position - 888 /1832

- gender position - 1073 / 2292

Sophie Mitchell - 02:05:21
- category position - 166 / 997
- gender position - 199 / 1226

Sunday, 22 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 24

I wanted to write about the drop again. 

I want to be a drama queen and make everyone listen about the time I jumped of a 25ft platform into muddy water below.

But if I'm quite honest the most avid listener is my dad, and he spends most of the time half asleep, snoring gently as we 'watch' TV.

Okay I'm done now.


This week was intense.

To say the least I got a lot done, but not as much as I had hoped.

I will skim over the sad news I received on wednesday - it's only being mentioned at all because it meant I missed a unique opportunity on the Thursday which would have been a lot of fun to blog about. Oh well. You can't have everything.

Thursday evening I undertook the short train journey up to Newcastle, (6 hours of short to be precise) for on the Friday I was to finish the tenancy in my student house I had been sharing with four pretty cool people.

Saturday was one of the longest days of my life. But I'm not complaining.

our sixth race. What a day

Up at 5, ran another obstacle race - I'll review it separately - before jumping on a train with the full intention of making it to a BBQ. Somehow, I managed to chose the single worst route I possibly could have. In future, if you ever see a slightly lost, disheveled girl on a train, furiously squinting at nothing in particular and singing along to One Direction, I want you to grab her by the shoulders and remind her to STICK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN. Don't get on a train that looks faster. They get delayed for 3 hours.

I ended up sitting opposite a lovely old lady called Elaine. She insisted I used her wet wipes to clean myself. Apparently I looked a mess.

This week I like
The sun! Who doesn't! I have some horrific tan lines however.

Warm evenings and late nights. Not a good idea if you're up early every day, but you have to enjoy it whilst you can. 

The lust list
I want to do something wild. 

Go snorkel in your own pool. 

love sophie xox twitter | bloglovin | youtube

Sunday, 15 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 23

Since the age of seven, where it was proclaimed at dinner, I have hated the number 23. It's prime, it's made up of two ugly numbers and nothing good comes in 23's. 

[sorry I'm attempting to cook. I've decided to be lazy and just throw vegetables in a pot and eat them like that. It's not tasty. 0/5 stars. If I stop typing a sentence midway it's because I've probably set fire to the kitchen. Proofreading takes away that fun.]

This week! I don't even know where the time has gone - and as I mentioned in the last weekly wind-down, things are getting to be too much. I visited the doctors again because health-wise I'm heading down an iffy path, but fingers crossed it's just a case of general excitement and too much sugar. Of course. 

I did a fair amount of rowing this week, and also started coaching again for my old club. I was shocked by how much I'd clearly missed it.

This guy is really tall and moves the boat quite nicely. 

Ginger-gone-blonde threw a pretty successful 'pizza party'.

there's a couple of people missing from this picture, but we're getting there!!

I used my time wisely (I tied her to the door and we all went inside). Delightful.

This week I'm a-lovin'
Random surprises. Like when my dad threw a Toblerone at my head and declared it was mine now.

Oh. Did I mention I'm blonde again? And that I've put pink in the blonde so look like I got attacked by a candy-floss machine.

my dad walked in, saw us pulling these faces and promptly left. 
This week I'm a-lustin'
Wild hair colours. WILD. I'm pink, my sisters red and my dad is sporting bald.

Strawberries. Finally it's actually the right season for them - I REFUSE to eat forced fruit. My sister insists on eating them with cream and meringues, whereas I like to have them by themselves and leave sticky strawberry juice everywhere. [guess which one of us is the naughty child]. I'm insistent that we were swapped at a young age as her maturity is that of a middle aged woman, whereas I managed to eat some soap.

This post, quite clearly, has been sponsored by my father. He has been coming into my room to make sure I've mentioned him a few times.

I take mine with a lime,

sophie x

Sunday, 8 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 22

I'm getting a bit lazy when it comes to these posts now.

As in, I got up at 7 today just so I could bum around on the internet for half an hour. Then I had to do some work, go rowing, go coaching, go to the gym and buy a new iphone charger. Lazy.

my dad and I a ridiculously long time ago. I can't even begin to comprehend that.
This week I like:
Making bath bombs in my kitchen. That was quite possibly the messiest thing I've done in a while.

My friend dyed her ginger hair blonde and it looks incredible. I tried getting mine blonde but as always, it looks mediocre at best - like most things I do. You'd think I'd be more accepting of it by now. She also let me practically live in her house for the duration of the week and then cooked myself and a different human a dinner to die for - most of which I ate.

The sun. For the first year in a long time I'm enjoying the warmer weather. I'm sure that when temperatures hit 'unbearable' then I'll start complaining again. Enjoy while it lasts.

This is kind of a like and not-like situation. Don't get me wrong, it's fun being home and seeing friends I haven't seen in so long, but at the same time, I miss uni. I miss lectures, my coursemates, and most of all, my housemates. Well, ex-housemates. They've gone now and I didn't get to say a proper goodbye due to a clerical error and two missed trips back up. I'll miss them a lot.

I've spent so much time in this station,  it's nearly a second home. Well. That's an exaggeration, but shit son I don't want to go back anytime soon..., 

The lust list:
Lust sounds so sordid.

But yes. I long for a proper holiday, not one interspersed with things to do. My inability to say no is definitely becoming a problem and I think I'm going to run a-ground soon.

Sorry. I can't get away from boat references anymore.

there's a snake in my boot.

sophs xxx


Monday, 2 June 2014

| what my runs feel like

I updated this post because...

1. Yes I am so ready for this. So fresh. Lets do this.

2. Well. That lasted long. Tired now.

3. So, I planned on doing 5 miles, but doing 2 isn't so bad either I guess. I'll just do it tomorrow?

4. Nope, not 2 miles. Maybe I'll walk the final 4 - that's not too far.

5. Okay, it's feeling far.

6. How long have I been running? Definitely at least 2 hours

7. 3 minutes. You have got to be kidding?!

8. Ok. Back in the zone. 

9. Hey I'll walk for a bit round the corner. That's even better.

10. Oh damn. That's another human person. Oh. They're running, better keep running too. Do we race?

11. Runners code? Runners what now? How do I deal with them?

12. Wave. This is a waving situation.

13. Ah shucks. He nodded. Never doing that again.

14. Just run it off. Casual. Be cool. 

15. What is this? Speed? Feet STOP we are out of control.

16. That burned me out. Damn I'm tired now. 

17. What was that thing I was going to do? Try to remember when I get home. Must remember to remember when I get there

18. Will I ever get home? I can barely remember life before starting running. Who even am I? Where am I?!

19. I must be halfway.

20. So that's what a mile feels like.

21. Okay, keep focused. What am I going to stretch when I get back?

22. Why is my shoulder hurting? Definitely not connected to my legs.

23. What is this? Why do I even run

24. I dont even like running

25. Why does anyone run?

26. What is running?

27. What is life?

28. Car. That's definitely a car. Stick to the pavement please.

29. Maybe I'll do a marathon.

30. What is that, like 26 miles?

31. Pff. I could do that easy. That's like walking to the end of my road and back a few times

32. No problem

33. Wait that was my reflection. Is that really what I look like from over here?!

34. A baby ostrich. I look like an ostrich crossed with a chicken.


36. If this was a contest to see who was making the biggest fool of themselves then I would win by far

37. Look at me prance along sir, so full of energy and life

38. nope. prancing is hard work.

39. Is that my house? Have I crossed the line? ...No I don't live here. Sorry strangers - thank you for the water!!

40. I'm going to walk it in. No harm in slow and steady.

I can't wait for my next run

Sunday, 1 June 2014

| weekly wind-down 21

'If you were a star wars character, what would you be?'

'Harry Potter.'

Wrong. Wrong on so many levels and I was the one who said it.


This week has been jam-packed and a bit stressful. As of friday I have completed my second year on my second degree attempt and it was a bit of a let down. There was no fanfare, not one single balloon and my sleep deprivation had almost pushed me over the edge.

Well, at least that's done with.

Wednesday marked the 22nd birth date of an amazing friend of mine. We celebrated it in style, 'Roaring 20s', and her house looked incredible (I'm sad I didn't get more pictures but I was too busy getting busy).

The below photograph was our only fairly successful attempt at some kind of a group shot.

Friday was interesting. My dad decided we would be taking a short trip to Newcastle, there and back again on the same day, taking a detour via my mums house in Kirkbymoorside. Over 600 miles.

It's a road.
This week I like:
A sister who will always tidy up after me. I managed to have more than one culinary disaster and she just swooped in before sorting things out. Magical.

Some incredible items of footwear arriving in the post. YES

Finding a new southern running partner - faster than me yes, however a bit less intellectually stimulating.

I once thought I was quite good at baking...
The lust list:
more weekend plans.

Love sophs.

stay bitchin'

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

| studying

For some of us, this is stress season.

It's not the time to be sunbathing or lying around absorbing a new book, no. It's balls deep in revision.

Eat smart
The key to survival is nutrition. It's especially important when you're not feeling 100% through stress and general fatigue.
Lost of veg, lots of clean food,
I am in LOVE with Graze. I have a weekly order.
Claim your free box here - I love the nut and chocolate mixes. nom!

Don't be silly, not alcohol. I'm talking about clean, fresh water. 2-3 litres a day, throughout the day. 
I'm not going to deny you your caffeine hit - that's going too far, but I will say that you need to balance it out with a good amount of hydrating fluid too.

So. I don't know much about the science, but to say the least, we should get enough sleep so that our body can function.

For me, that's around 8 hours, but I know some people don't need that much, and some need more. It's down to personal preference.

Recently, I have been using this app and it may be placebo, but I have been making much more of an effort to sleep, and it's definitely interesting to see if it's been 'good quality' (you get a percentage score!). 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

| weekly wind-down 20

I was going through a period earlier this year where I guess, you could say, I was feeling pretty down.

I was frustrated with uni, missed my friends, had been messed around, was feeling like training was going nowhere and generally, really, a bit ungrateful. 

This past week and a bit has turned all that on its head. 

i think she'll be in every post. i like my sister.
This week I am thankful for
my family.
my beautiful friends (well, some of them)
The bumps. An utterly ridiculous rowing tradition held between a select set of clubs annually. It's incredible. It's fun.

The wish list
nothing. for once. nothing.

I guess though, writing these posts makes me think things through, and this weekend has genuinely reminded me what a rich and busy life I have. I am so content.

Bring it.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

| fitness | passing time

One day, Ross and I want to look back to now and reminisce about the time we got arrested for rearranging a car park.

With our arms.

'But you see officer, it was all for the gainz.'

It's all about gaining from workouts. 

He once walked 25 miles because he had a day off. 

I once built a shed, with a broken ankle.

Those are gainz. 

The race is never the finish line, it's all about training for the one after. 

Some Rossisms, in case you needed advice:

'I only deadlift to get sophie over the obstacles. It's not a personal thing, more a team survival situation.'

'I don't actually need fractions. I mean, when are you going to do a half press up? Never. That's when'

Chicken = pure gains. If in doubt, have some more. You really can't go wrong.

'I don't do injuries. I don't think they exist. They're just weakness seeping out.'

Please be aware, careful with using the z. It's not always appropriate. Gains aren't always gainz.

We're now winding back into training. We've had a week off following dirty weekend and our muscles are starting to get twitchy. These next few weeks will just be boring, getting back into the swing of exercise and putting the pressure back on. 

The next race is 5 weeks away. I'm so desperate to conquer the walls. I've also got to alter my running style to accommodate my new trainers - they're pro, don't you know.

Monday, 19 May 2014

| fashion | New Balance 420

In my weekly wind-down not long ago I mentioned a desire for sensible shoes.

A small amount of research later showed that in fact, New Balance were the right way to go. I love my NB running and trail shoes - but I have never owned  everyday trainers - ever.

Being somewhat a trainer virgin I opened the vote to my mum and the boy, both of whom asked - 'what shoe has every blogger gone out and bought?' - they were right, the whole internet is buzzing about these 420's.

New balance of course.

They aren't quite the usual thick soled New Balance - a more tamed down version to suit those who don't necessarily need the added height. 

Getting over my reluctance to get them dirty is an ongoing struggle - because the red is beautiful.

They are, without doubt, the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on.

I dare you.

love sophie


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