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Sunday, 22 December 2013

/ going against my instinct

As someone who has blogged for a long time (rememnber this is now my third venture), it's hard to break the habit. 

Recently however, I read that we spend more time trying to document our lives than actually living them - and I guess that has somewhat a piece of truth in it. 

Whenever I went to a new restaurant - I would photograph my food.

New make-up - couldn't be used until I had taken product shots on a carefully laid out background.

An interesting OOTD - well quite.

So this year when my boy allowed me to open my presents three weeks early (naughty I know) - I put my camera away. We sat and enjoyed the mess and didn't worry about whether the room had the right lighting for some artistic shots.


ps. I don't use my instagram either.

You probably knew that.

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