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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

/ you can't say that (pt 1)

A lot of people think it's acceptable to make fun of people. Sure, it happens all the time. 

But, I mean, there are some examples where it's just more than moronic - it's really stupid. 


People making fun of the more rotund individuals in society exercising. 

This includes the gym, running and any kind of exertive activities. 

What exactly are you going to say? 'Run fast fatty, chase those pies?' These people are clearly trying to offset some poor decisions made in the past and they are running. It makes my head hurt with the incredulity of it all - you can't knock a guy for trying huh?

Since I started properly running around 4 months ago, I now have a silent appreciation for my fellow comrades. The majority of us up at 6 o'clock aren't athletes - we're just ordinary people attempting to squeeze some feeling of health into our tired and sluggish selves. I feel like we're a gang. There are unwritten rules when out running, there's a respect for space and a need to quietly encourage one another. 

Every morning I run past the same three people. One, looks very fast. She's built like a runner and is light on her feet. Every day she smiles at me like she couldn't be happier to see me and often accompanies this with an encouraging word or two. The second guy I bump into on a hill. Me running down and him struggling up - trust me that hill is a personal challenge too and I don't envy him but every time he's gunning for it. Top chap.

The third, is an old lady walking her dog. She normally stops me to ask how I am and to give me a high five. 

I cannot emphasise enough how much a small nod, or acknowledgement of effort goes such a long way - if someone is out there doing it they are doing it!!

Just don't knock a guy for trying.

And to the guy who kicked me in the head at my latest race, thank you. The encouragement was endearing. That applies to anyone who shouts at people for going 'too slow'. If they are doing their best, then they bloody well can't go faster - so I will block your way until the women has cleared the obstacle. She was a dear. Just not the fastest.


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