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Monday, 4 November 2013

/ why I don't drink


Don't say it. Don't think it.

I am not boring. I am not a wet flannel. I just refuse to put my body through the strain of dealing with what is essentially a poison unnecessarily. The hardest thing about being a student and not drinking is that no one respects it. They tell me how one won't hurt, everyone does it and that I'm young and should enjoy myself. To be honest, I'm genuinely having a great time and if you really need a drink to have fun then you'll need to reassess your situation.

Jus' sayin'. 

Yes, in moderation, alcohol can be fun and games. But as with all things that are bad for you, it's easy to get carried away. Did you know, it can take as long as a week for your body to fully recover from a big night out? Also, why spend all that money on a night out if you can't even remember it! I don't mind clubbing sober, but when your friends are so drunk they can't speak english then it stops being so much fun.


Hospitals have seen a 117% rise in the under 30's for alcohol liver disease.

That is no joke. 

The liver becomes clogged with fat from the alcohol, and scar tissue forms when the body attempts to repair itself. Known as cirrhosis, if left untreated this can be fatal.

Alcohol can also raise blood pressure.

It can increase the risk of cancer.


It can cause impotence in young men.

Not to mention - it causes weight gain! Beer belly. 

Now I'm not here to nag, but this isn't something to joke about. So when I say I don't drink, it's not whimsical or half hearted, I want to have a fulfilled life. Chances of getting problems later in life are small for each individual thing, but there are so many that there's a chance you'll get one. 

I also can't  be bothered to explain this to everyone, so I just tell them I have no money. 

Isn't it sad that in this day and age I get labelled as the weirdo for being good to my body?

Just look after yourselves kids.


ps. I did get rather sloshed at my 21st. I haven't drunk since, and didn't drink the 8 months before. I think that's okay. There. I'm not a hypocrite - I just plan for it.

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