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Thursday, 14 November 2013

/ i like boys.

[drunk post 5?]

[or was i=sober?]

I crush easy.

I guess I'm too loving. 


Not infatuation, just fascination.

People fascinate me and I get frustrated when I can't ask them questions about things. 

This is why I'm in love with boys brains - they LOVE telling you random facts.

Dropping some serious stereotyping here, but boys who are nerdy and know how to be clever are incredible human beings. I would like a gang of nerds to be educated by - one to keep my computer and I in check, another with a keen interest in history and sport, maybe one who likes obscure music and another who loves accounting. Someone who knows all there is about art and design - oh and someone with an intense sense of direction.

Then I would be complete.

I will find you all.  like pokemon. I don't think one human being can fill all those shoes.

Snippet of things that make me smile brought to you by the boy:

a bit is a 1 or 0
a byte is 8 1s or 0s
a word is any amount of 1s or 0s
a nibble is 4 bits
because it's half a bite.

Thats me done.
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