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Monday, 11 November 2013

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So, I'm pretty well kitted out. 

My training is going well(ish) and I have been keeping the injuries on the low.

One thing I have been struggling with is how to dress myself adequately for the run. I either wear too many layers, too few or just get cross and come home early. Then there's socks, shoes and the age old conundrum of the sports bra - thankfully Shock Absorber got in touch and will be sending me my very own personalised support. I have always worn one during exercise - but I was shocked to hear the statistics surrounding those that don't.

Shock Absorber found that 37% of women 'find the battle with their breasts too much to bear, citing breast bounce and discomfort as the primary reason they avoid exercise', and that 22% find it inhibits their enjoyment as they won't work out as hard as they could.

Even more shockingly, a third of women don't even think they need to wear one because they don't have large breasts, and those that don't just stick with their usual day to day bra. Ouch.

Can you believe it?

Well, yes, unfortunately, I guess I can.

However, exercising without proper support can cause premature breast sagging. Irreversible. You might have the body to shout about but if your boobs are hanging to your knees then you need to reconsider.

Below, you will see a screen shot of the Bounce-o-Meter. It's a 3D representation of breast movement during exercise, and it allows women to adjust the breast size and level of activity for a clear representation of the impact their chosen exercise may have on their breasts. Basically, it can help you find the right bra without trying them all on.

Handy huh?

Shock Absorber

The Shock Absorber range is easy to navigate, and you will find the bra for your personal level of exercise and size. If you're thinking of fighting that winter tyre, please make sure you look after your lady parts.


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