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Thursday, 7 November 2013

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This weekend has really been a milestone. I ran 6.7 miles yesterday and 4 miles today - and almost cried.

If you read my post about injuries, you'll know my journey has been a long one, with people telling me again and again how my body just would never be able to do it and that I would forever be in pain. It was through those years that I fell out of love with ibuprofen, painkillers, my insoles, not being allowed to sit on soft furnishings (seriously) and in general my physiotherapists. 

But for the moment, all is well (fingers crossed, touch wood and so on).

The next
Yeah. So stupidly I'm still entered in the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest race. 10km+ of pure fun, interspersed with lifting, jumping, crawling and climbing all in the freezing mid-November inevitable rain. Yay!
That is now less than two weeks away and I'm genuinely terrified. It's a huge step up from the Spartan Race we completed over summer but hopefully achievable. I really want to finish.

The now
My legs are a little bit tired. Right now. I'm sitting in a lecture feeling very guilty (third day of not running!!) with my limbs burning.

Berocca, strong coffee and Tiger Balm feature regularly in my daily routine, each playing an important role in keeping me functioning (especially the coffee, can't get enough coffee). 
Those new trainers I recently bought are fabulous and have corrected some posture issues I was having.
I spent a lot of time researching them - never before had I realised the difference a pair of shoes can make - and am so in love.

NEW BALANCE 890V3, trainers
if they take your fancy - grab them whilst stocks last!!
I've also started pole fitness. It is nowhere near the stereotype - I have never seen a group of women so body confident and in control, regardless of shapes and sizes. The classes themselves are intense and very physically demanding - something I hadn't even considered.
If you are looking for a low impact sport, you need to give it a go. I've only been 'dancing' for a few weeks so can't give you a proper run down - but for now I am it's number one fan!

The future
Ho hum. I'd love to say that I'm gunning for a marathon and will continue to train and train forever, but that just isn't true. The winter months are drawing in and already my motivation is slipping. To run every day is now too much, something which I'm being very honest about.
There are some 10k races in February that I'd like to take a shot at, but after Men's Health I might be taking a loooong holiday.

I'm never going to completely stop working out, but I'd love to try running just for pleasure rather than an impending race deadline that terrifies me to the core.

Let me know if you're also doing anything silly :).


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