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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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Well this product is awkward to review. Should I upload pictures of my boobs to show nip and fab before and after?


You're going to have to utilise the powers of your imagination and visualise the effects. Don't be cheeky.


The claims (from their own site)
A light serum to visibly plump and firm the appearance of skin around the bust + decollete. Bust Fix is a revolutionary formula packed with fast acting mangosteen extract.

- cell active form - plumps and supports lipid deposition
- mangosteen - reshapes and sculpts
- cell booster - smoothes and firms

To be applied on clean skin twice daily.

£16.25 for 100ml.

The reality
Now I love a good moisturiser any day, and having one specially designed for my upper lady bits was exciting.

It definitely firms and tones the 'area', fills out you out a little. This has been a lovely reminder that my whole body needs attention, not just the more exposed areas like legs and face.

The smell and texture were by far one of the nicest I've come across. It's very fresh, and as it's on your chest it's like wearing another perfume. However, you will look weird sniffing your tits. Like most creams the bust fix doesn't absorb immediately so you have to stand half naked for a while. I've never really minded.

As far as it goes, if I had endless funds, I would purchase this. However, my beauty list is currently so long that it's quite far down, and I can't afford to spend £16 on an area specific serum. If you are looking for something to 'perk' you up, trust me, this is the one for you!


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