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Thursday, 3 October 2013

/ you know things are getting serious

... when you've got the big mug for your tea

Yes, it has come down to this. The normal sized cup has been replaced by the one that has the capacity of a small swimming pool, and I’m still uncertain as to whether that will be enough.
Today was allocated as a day of rest, recuperation and getting ahead of myself. I’m always doing that – putting time aside for doing nothing. Instead I went for an hour run in the rain
Habitually, I’m a procrastinator. As all of you who follow this career path with know, to procrastinate well, you must start early. The night before, early. In a sense what I’m talking about is avoiding making any specific plans, nor setting an alarm.
The problem with being so good at avoiding getting things done arises when you genuinely have a lot to do. This year is going to be exceptionally busy for myself and I’m quite nervous that I may have to give up my ‘skill’.
So, back to today. I woke up late and dressed slowly (the speed being crucial). My to do list is growing increasingly long, and there has been little progress to knock it back. Even in writing this post I am avoiding my essay, the one that has remained in draft format for far longer than necessary.
The funny thing is, I’ve even avoided getting this done.
My resolution – to finish what I have started.

Fingers crossed posting will be back to normal -  but if not go do something that didn't need doing at all!
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