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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

/ wednesday wind down

Since coming to university, I've really struggled to stay on top of my social duties. It's practically impossible to stay in touch with everyone - despite us all having phones and  various other forms of social media -  I just can't quite do it. And even when I do get round to messaging everyone, it's just not the same as sitting down and sharing all over a mug of coffee (I love that stufff).

I've decided to write down my life in the hope that this counts as my half of the social duties situation. 

1) University. So far so good, I'm loving my course and trying my best to stay on top of everything. It's pretty intense though - my lecturers expect a lot in quite a short space of time and all I want is sleep.

2) Work. Two jobs, too little time. Sweet shop to bring in the fast money and my 100 hour placement for the CV. Fun. Just in case you wondered I'm with a social media analyst company who specialise in lead generation through said social media. Mmhmm.

3) Play. Back at the workouts. The endurance race on November 16th will kill me, but up until that point I need to keep pretending there's a chance I'll be okay. My legs are dying and I can't always walk but it's okay. 

Currently, the lust list goes as follows:
  • A new pair of boots. Preferably sturdy. 
  • Long hair. 
  • The majority of the make up section in Boots
  • A new tripod
Things I'm grateful for:
  • the new mattress topper that my mumma bought for me (it adds around 10cm of soft to the springy skeleton that counts as a bed)
  • My northern friends. They put up with my bouts of crazy and then the ones where I'm being a difficult.  
Rambling bramble. Wasn't that fun


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