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Friday, 18 October 2013

film / the conjuring

THE DOLL OH MY GOD. those poor girls. i don't think I can watch anymore. the doll bloody well moves. she puts it ousite in a bin. then something knocks at the door. oh my god.

So I have learnt to appreciate the upbeat scenes, used to provide stark contrast against the scarier ones and really reinforce the issue. Then I think they have sex.. and the dog isn't happy outside so it barks.

Cut to next morning (I like how horrors rarely show sexual things) and the lady (carolyn) has an old lady bruise on her leg. So the house smells and doesn't really work. Roger is in the basement, it's all a bit quiet, the basement will make an awesome den. Hang on, on another level all the clocks stopped at 3.07.

Little kid runs out to get the dog. She screams. It must be dead. Oh golly it's pretty dead. Poor Sadie.

Ah. now its the side story of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Paranormal investigators who have a lot in a room that can't be touched.

Back with the family in their creepy house. the clocks stop again, and the kid wakes up. I can't watch anymore. Static like the ring. Dad is asleep, but woken by banging and creaking. ITS COMING FROM THE BASEMENT. However he's distracted by one of his kids  sleepwalking. She's banging her head into a wall? I think. Now we all know something is about to happen.

Next morning the mum has more bruises and a pigeon dies. kid has a creepy toy and apparently her friend lives in the mirror when the music stops. Doesn't appear. However they play that horrendous clapping game. 

Night time, someone is grabbing her feet. Pulls her sharply. Should have watched the lion king. NO NANCY DONT LOOK BEHIND THE DOOR. GOD DAMN IT NANCY

The mum is now litearlly coverd in bruises, rough sex, and tells her kids to stop playing that bloody clapping game. hell no its not her kids. someone made a mess. i reckon it was a spirit. Turns out someone else was playing.the mum gets lost in the basement with creepy things.

Okay I genuinely  nearly had a panic attack. Things happened, like banging and shouting and they got the professionals involved. they aren't very happy - apparently the malicious spirit hates them.

more creepy, the psychic sees lots of horrible things and it's not very nice. 

by this point I literally shut my eyes and didn't watch anymore. Again, I used my technique of closing my eyes and letting it pass, but in essence - the spirit gets angrier, turns out it worshiped satan and wants the mum to kill her children. It possesses her resulting in a tough fight which obviously the good guys win. All is well.

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