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Thursday, 31 October 2013

/ the day of the Storm

Last Friday, I traveled home to visit my dad. All went well - food, sleep, gym and the food channel (Cupcake Wars thank you very much). 
It was the Saturday when we first heard. The storm that was to hit the UK was to be worse than the Great Storm of '87 (a very big storm).

Now, I do get it, so the rest if this is so tongue in cheek I really can't talk... especially given that the spate of adverse weather lead to the deaths of some individuals. 

On Sunday, I was quite sad. My 7am flight had been cancelled with the only alternative being a 9.50 one. To add to the problems, my dad had work - meaning he would need to drop me there at 7.00. Either way. I was up at 4.30.

It's a stark reminder that the weather is still stronger than us.

Managed to get seat 1D. Then saw this in Cosmo. Genuinely made me smile. 


my day

7.00 - arrive at Heathrow Terminal 5. It was rammed. I've traveled at that time before, but never have I seen so many people (not even during the snow!). Not being allowed to drop my bags off until 7.50 was a tad annoying given my bladder situation, but sometimes you've just got to deal with it.
7.50 - heading over to the check in desk I was thoroughly quizzed by a tall man organising the queue. Sadly for most people around me, I was the minority. Their flights were cancelled, or even more severely delayed. They were not happy.

8.05 - security was fun. Stripping off for the lady and being felt up by her friend. And they didn't even work there. ...
8.30 - I should have actually been home by now. Instead, my plane had been delayed until 11.10. I kid you not.
Time to browse the shops ... completely the opposite of the advice I gave you. Hypocrite.
bought a couple. sent to dad.  souvenirs of my trip. 
9.00 - I went for a walk, bought a cup of tea and found a corner. There was a strange tension in the air.

they sure do provide temptations. weary passengers beware. 
Oh and the weather was completely fine. The devastation of that night had completely 'blown over'. Hah. 
10.20 - apparently my gate opened. It hadn't really. They wanted to keep it a surprise.
10.50 - A9. Yippee. Plane was late.

how I look with minimal sleep and minimal make-up. sometimes I find myself attractive. 

11.10 - We were on the plane. It was quite delayed. That's okay though. I made it home eventually.

And fell flat on my back 5m away from the door.



just wanted to thank all the Heathrow volunteers who helped make the disrupted journeys that little bit better.

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