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Thursday, 31 October 2013

/ the day of the Storm

Last Friday, I traveled home to visit my dad. All went well - food, sleep, gym and the food channel (Cupcake Wars thank you very much). 
It was the Saturday when we first heard. The storm that was to hit the UK was to be worse than the Great Storm of '87 (a very big storm).

Now, I do get it, so the rest if this is so tongue in cheek I really can't talk... especially given that the spate of adverse weather lead to the deaths of some individuals. 

On Sunday, I was quite sad. My 7am flight had been cancelled with the only alternative being a 9.50 one. To add to the problems, my dad had work - meaning he would need to drop me there at 7.00. Either way. I was up at 4.30.

It's a stark reminder that the weather is still stronger than us.

Managed to get seat 1D. Then saw this in Cosmo. Genuinely made me smile. 


my day

7.00 - arrive at Heathrow Terminal 5. It was rammed. I've traveled at that time before, but never have I seen so many people (not even during the snow!). Not being allowed to drop my bags off until 7.50 was a tad annoying given my bladder situation, but sometimes you've just got to deal with it.
7.50 - heading over to the check in desk I was thoroughly quizzed by a tall man organising the queue. Sadly for most people around me, I was the minority. Their flights were cancelled, or even more severely delayed. They were not happy.

8.05 - security was fun. Stripping off for the lady and being felt up by her friend. And they didn't even work there. ...
8.30 - I should have actually been home by now. Instead, my plane had been delayed until 11.10. I kid you not.
Time to browse the shops ... completely the opposite of the advice I gave you. Hypocrite.
bought a couple. sent to dad.  souvenirs of my trip. 
9.00 - I went for a walk, bought a cup of tea and found a corner. There was a strange tension in the air.

they sure do provide temptations. weary passengers beware. 
Oh and the weather was completely fine. The devastation of that night had completely 'blown over'. Hah. 
10.20 - apparently my gate opened. It hadn't really. They wanted to keep it a surprise.
10.50 - A9. Yippee. Plane was late.

how I look with minimal sleep and minimal make-up. sometimes I find myself attractive. 

11.10 - We were on the plane. It was quite delayed. That's okay though. I made it home eventually.

And fell flat on my back 5m away from the door.



just wanted to thank all the Heathrow volunteers who helped make the disrupted journeys that little bit better.


Friday, 18 October 2013

film / the conjuring

THE DOLL OH MY GOD. those poor girls. i don't think I can watch anymore. the doll bloody well moves. she puts it ousite in a bin. then something knocks at the door. oh my god.

So I have learnt to appreciate the upbeat scenes, used to provide stark contrast against the scarier ones and really reinforce the issue. Then I think they have sex.. and the dog isn't happy outside so it barks.

Cut to next morning (I like how horrors rarely show sexual things) and the lady (carolyn) has an old lady bruise on her leg. So the house smells and doesn't really work. Roger is in the basement, it's all a bit quiet, the basement will make an awesome den. Hang on, on another level all the clocks stopped at 3.07.

Little kid runs out to get the dog. She screams. It must be dead. Oh golly it's pretty dead. Poor Sadie.

Ah. now its the side story of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Paranormal investigators who have a lot in a room that can't be touched.

Back with the family in their creepy house. the clocks stop again, and the kid wakes up. I can't watch anymore. Static like the ring. Dad is asleep, but woken by banging and creaking. ITS COMING FROM THE BASEMENT. However he's distracted by one of his kids  sleepwalking. She's banging her head into a wall? I think. Now we all know something is about to happen.

Next morning the mum has more bruises and a pigeon dies. kid has a creepy toy and apparently her friend lives in the mirror when the music stops. Doesn't appear. However they play that horrendous clapping game. 

Night time, someone is grabbing her feet. Pulls her sharply. Should have watched the lion king. NO NANCY DONT LOOK BEHIND THE DOOR. GOD DAMN IT NANCY

The mum is now litearlly coverd in bruises, rough sex, and tells her kids to stop playing that bloody clapping game. hell no its not her kids. someone made a mess. i reckon it was a spirit. Turns out someone else was playing.the mum gets lost in the basement with creepy things.

Okay I genuinely  nearly had a panic attack. Things happened, like banging and shouting and they got the professionals involved. they aren't very happy - apparently the malicious spirit hates them.

more creepy, the psychic sees lots of horrible things and it's not very nice. 

by this point I literally shut my eyes and didn't watch anymore. Again, I used my technique of closing my eyes and letting it pass, but in essence - the spirit gets angrier, turns out it worshiped satan and wants the mum to kill her children. It possesses her resulting in a tough fight which obviously the good guys win. All is well.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

/ wednesday wind down

Since coming to university, I've really struggled to stay on top of my social duties. It's practically impossible to stay in touch with everyone - despite us all having phones and  various other forms of social media -  I just can't quite do it. And even when I do get round to messaging everyone, it's just not the same as sitting down and sharing all over a mug of coffee (I love that stufff).

I've decided to write down my life in the hope that this counts as my half of the social duties situation. 

1) University. So far so good, I'm loving my course and trying my best to stay on top of everything. It's pretty intense though - my lecturers expect a lot in quite a short space of time and all I want is sleep.

2) Work. Two jobs, too little time. Sweet shop to bring in the fast money and my 100 hour placement for the CV. Fun. Just in case you wondered I'm with a social media analyst company who specialise in lead generation through said social media. Mmhmm.

3) Play. Back at the workouts. The endurance race on November 16th will kill me, but up until that point I need to keep pretending there's a chance I'll be okay. My legs are dying and I can't always walk but it's okay. 

Currently, the lust list goes as follows:
  • A new pair of boots. Preferably sturdy. 
  • Long hair. 
  • The majority of the make up section in Boots
  • A new tripod
Things I'm grateful for:
  • the new mattress topper that my mumma bought for me (it adds around 10cm of soft to the springy skeleton that counts as a bed)
  • My northern friends. They put up with my bouts of crazy and then the ones where I'm being a difficult.  
Rambling bramble. Wasn't that fun



Monday, 7 October 2013

films / how I watch the horrors

Yesterday, we watched Sinister.

Today we watched Paranormal Activity.

Well, when I say 'we', I mean they did, while I hid furiously behind a giant teddy and my boyfriends legs.

In all seriousness I do not possess any of the required qualities to endure a film designed to make you scared. It scars me for life.

Ordinarily I adopt the fingers in ears approach. A lot of the time it's the music that makes you scared.

Sometimes I criss cross my hands over my eyes so that the viewing space is small - that way you can't actually see what's going on.

My current favourite is to attempt to sleep. Eyes shut, back to the TV and pyjamas at the ready.

I am aware that it's approaching Halloween so instead of compiling the films I would like to see.. here is what I would like to read - a teeny tiny wishlist.

SEX AND SPOOKS AND SAUVIGNON - THE MISADVENTURES OF A RELUCTANT PSYCHIC (Plus various other people, living and dead. And her cat)

In the mean time, what are your plans for Halloween?

I'm feeling sitting inside with orange and black decorations watching mildly funny kids films and laughing at everyone attempting to get into already rammed night clubs.

And filling my face with marshmallows and chocolate buttons.

Let me know :) 



Thursday, 3 October 2013

/ you know things are getting serious

... when you've got the big mug for your tea

Yes, it has come down to this. The normal sized cup has been replaced by the one that has the capacity of a small swimming pool, and I’m still uncertain as to whether that will be enough.
Today was allocated as a day of rest, recuperation and getting ahead of myself. I’m always doing that – putting time aside for doing nothing. Instead I went for an hour run in the rain
Habitually, I’m a procrastinator. As all of you who follow this career path with know, to procrastinate well, you must start early. The night before, early. In a sense what I’m talking about is avoiding making any specific plans, nor setting an alarm.
The problem with being so good at avoiding getting things done arises when you genuinely have a lot to do. This year is going to be exceptionally busy for myself and I’m quite nervous that I may have to give up my ‘skill’.
So, back to today. I woke up late and dressed slowly (the speed being crucial). My to do list is growing increasingly long, and there has been little progress to knock it back. Even in writing this post I am avoiding my essay, the one that has remained in draft format for far longer than necessary.
The funny thing is, I’ve even avoided getting this done.
My resolution – to finish what I have started.

Fingers crossed posting will be back to normal -  but if not go do something that didn't need doing at all!
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