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Friday, 27 September 2013

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Last month, The Joy of plants (part of the Flower Council) sent me some lovely African Violets. This unusual not-for-profit organisation promote flowers and plants whilst insisting they can change your life for the better. They wanted to know if having house plants made any difference to my mood, and if I would continue with my plant 'journey'.

clearly they weren't too happy at being transported - however since taking this photo the plants have all perked up!

I was actually more concerned with whether I would keep this plant alive for longer than a week - I'm no natural green finger. I feel my dad was more excited by the prospect of three new plants to play with and he quickly took them under his wing, giving the trio pride of place in our kitchen. So that was their wellbeing taken care of.

I think I worked it out. I don't believe the plants had a direct effect on my happiness, but their presence was that final touch to completing the ambiance of the room. They just quietly get on with drinking water and sunlight, and don't complain if I was singing too loudly whilst cooking or cover them in bubbles. (sorryy). I feel like the plants are a stepping stone to something more demanding, like a dog, or a child...

Well there you go.

I also bought myself some herb plants.... I don't know.


p.s. If you fancy winning yourself your very own plants to hopefully help grow and prosper - enter the Dr Plant competition on their Facebook page -

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