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Sunday, 15 September 2013

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So as I mentioned, I wanted to re-fragrance our house. This adventure took me into both Ikea and Bodyshop.

My candles

Oh god am I a sucker for candles. Unfortunately, more often than not they just end up in my room, unlit and dusty in a corner. When I was in Ikea the other day, my mum and I spent a good half an hour smelling almost every candle in their range, and I settled on two of their 95p Tindra ones in vanilla and apple. They're what I classify as 'simple' smells, nothing on more expensive scents, but still really nice on the nose.

So for their price I'm going to give them a high mark, and will probably go back for the chocolate and caramel candles. They smelt good enough to eat.

Someone send me some candles....

Bodyshop home fragrance

The oil burner was a previous acquisition from Bodyshop, it only seemed fair to put it to its proper use. When I walked into the store quite a lot of the smells were 'missing' - apparently they were waiting on a delivery so I only had four to choose from. It only seemed appropriate to buy them all. 

Lavender - speaks for itself
Vanilla and tonka bean - a 'sophisticated aroma' which will help soothe the mind
Exotic - a 'sweet tropical scent'
Pomegranate and raspberry - 'fruity aroma' to help uplift the senses

At £4 each they're quite a decent price for the size and quality of the smell. I've been burning them each in different rooms (dedicated I know) but with the weather turning autumnal I'm loving a nice bubble bath with the lavender scent. And a hot chocolate. I honestly haven't got a favourite, if pushed thought, the Vanilla and Tonka bean is just delicious!

Having a room full of a fresh fragrance is such a mood booster - especially as the nights grow longer.Treat yourself!

I really want to get hold of this candle - you will too!

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