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Monday, 2 September 2013

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As you know, I am a softie when it comes to Soap and Glory (let's be honest, aren't we all!) and I literally jumped that the chance to buy the Sugar Crush body scrub. At £8.00 per tub it's not the cheapest by far, but at that price not awful, so I was pretty content when I joined the queue. 

I don't know if it's just me, but as of late I'm really struggling with the sheer number of S&G products on sale. It's amazing to have such choice but I really want someone standing behind me to help distinguish between them all because I feel like a lost child. Anyway.

I was specifically looking for a body scrub to compliment my use of a body brush. Brushes are harsh, therefore the body scrub needed to do its job but not completely take all my skin off and leave me a wreck, That sort of stuff isn't normally on the packaging so I crossed my fingers and hoped that this one would be just right.

The claims (Boots / Soap and Glory)
The smashed brown sugar and macadamia grains scrub at the skin whilst the sweet lime and almond oil leave it soft and fresh

Plus my requirement of it not being too harsh!

The reality
Wow does this stuff smell good. Seriously, the lime gives it such a zesty scent I'd want to wear it as a perfume. A little goes a fair way (but not quite far enough) and S&G recommend using it anything up to three times a week, so we'll see how long it actually lasts!

The combination of the sugar and/or salt and the macademia seeds is actually slightly harsher on my skin than I was expecting - I now see why Soap and Glory warn you not to use this on sore or damaged skin (it really stings!). My top tip would to be a little goes quite a long way and to properly step out of the shower stream whilst using it. This stuff is effective though, you feel thoroughly scrubbed after use and I've seen an improvement especially on my legs (read about why that's so important here!).

One change I would make with this stuff is to put it in a squeezy bottle - it seems to hold onto any water that gets into the tub and turn into a slushy mess, after every shower you have to almost pour it out.

The downsides. It does contain oils, so fake tanners beware, and it makes a horrendous mess. I thought it might just be me being typically untidy, but after checking a few other reviews I realised we were all getting the brownish gunk stuck all over the shower, and it's a nightmare to wash away!

All in all this one gets a strong 6/10 - at £8 I just don't know if it's quite justifiable, and I am going to be making some of my own :) in the near future!


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