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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

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Two products!

Foundation - Match perfection - classic ivory

The claims (Boots and Rimmel)

'A match so perfect, it's undetectable in any light! Light perfecting radiance foundation. Traceless coverage and perfectly flawless skin under any light'
Lasts all day
SPF 18
Conceals imperfections with no foundation line and your natural colour will never change.

The reality
Right, so as I said in the video review - this foundation is a bit of good and a bit of bad. I find 'high street' brands harder to differentiate, because they don't really improve your skin or give it nourishment to soak up. Quite often they dry my skin out as well, so I end up all blotchy by the afternoon.

I wear this in conjunction with powder and another foundation (whichever is in my make-up bag) as I don't like to completely coat my face in a thick base. I will admit the whole 'adapting to my skin tone' thing seems to be working - the whole second skin look. Staying power gets a thumbs up, it only needs reapplying if I'm seeing people again in the evening (so if not I just remove it!).

It's really buildable and has a slightly 'dewy' finish - be careful if you have oily skin as I reckon that would become a downside! I did try one day without using powder to set it and noticed a definite fall in performance, then again, I rarely don't use powder so that's not a problem for me!

As foundations go, I think I like it. At £6.99 it sure does perfectly match my pale skin. I'm so pale. I don't think I'd ever ditch my more luxurious brands but it has definitely made good headway into converting me!

Eye shadow - traffic eyes - over the limit

The claims (Boots and Rimmel)
A baked eyeshadow for maximum colour impact.
Three shade pallet of luminous, super longlasting intense colour.
10 hour wear.

The reality
Oh my god I just love this eye shadow. Honestly, this is currently my go to (I've bought two in reserve just in case) and find myself veering towards it for my everyday look. At £6.49 it's not too bad given you're getting three highly pigmented colours - but in all seriousness the packaging should come with a warning, if you aren't careful you'll ruin your nails. Speaking from experience.

Wet or dry application works - obviously when wet it lasts a lot longer but I find it a bit too dark for everyday wear. The three colours are just right for me - I just the highlighter all over, the darker colour for eyebrows and accentuation and the bronze one for across the eye.

I haven't truly started looking anywhere aside from highstreet brands for eyeshadow - one pay day I'll push the boat out but until then...

I want to get the green pigmented one next (speeding) - have you tried it?


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