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Sunday, 8 September 2013

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Here's my written summary because my video wasn't too concise.

I suddenly realised just how many products I went through in this video, so have/will be writing their separate reviews so you aren't too overwhelmed. My, aren't I nice. I will get there eventually!

Right. Nakd bars are a nutritious, healthy food that taste AMAZING. Made from entirely natural ingredients (like fruits and nuts!) which are blended together and shaped into a bar. Wheat, dairy and added sugar free this stuff is like liquid gold. 

I used to feel horrifically guilty when grabbing a cereal bar on the go and spent a long time looking for a 'healthy' alternative that also suppressed any midday cravings (namely chocolate). I was perusing the shelves in my local tesco when 'chocolate orange' caught my eye, turns out this Nakd bar was made primarily of dates and cashews with a few raisins thrown in. The flavour comes from cocoa powder and natural flavourings - and it counts for one of your five a day.

Once I'd eaten one of them, I had to go back and try all the flavours. Gonna get me a small food baby.

The only downside is that they aren't super cheap - treat yourself! Or do as I did and attempt to make your own... [coming soon!].

Berocca [coming soon!]

Revlon - nail varnishes + lip balm stain + lip butter [coming soon!]

MaxFactor lipfinity lip stain [coming soon!]

Nivea lip butter [coming soon!]

No7 mascara

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