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Sunday, 11 August 2013

| Nice | day 1

I mean the place, not how lovely it was.

Oh wow. Today has been amazing. If I could describe the perfect day to begin a holiday, I think this one would almost fit the bill.

Waking up at a leisurely 7.15 I went for a cheeky run (as you do) before finishing packing and demanding that the others put my shoes in their suitcases. This is the response. 

We got to ride on a shuttle train between the car park and Terminal 5, and all got a little excited - thinking back, it's really no biggie.

Having flown numerous times from Terminal 5 I thought I knew the drill. However, my Dad gently grabbed me by the arm and guided us over to bag-drop zone H. If you aren't down on the lingo, that's the special area for the members of various clubs and classes on the plane (not standard economy) who get to travel fast track through security and graze in their private lounges. 

Thinking he was pulling my leg (we got upgraded last year and it made me cry) I gently grabbed his arm and began pulling him back towards the correct bag drop area. After minutes of him insisting - the penny dropped - we had again, been upgraded to business class and would be travelling with the posh people. I know it's only to France, but even so you should have seen the price difference.... (sorry to anyone who actually paid that).

Anyway. I was nearly strip searched, and almost stole someone else's shoes, but we made it. My dad felt it was necessary to stuff our hang luggage with as much free food and cans as we could - really driving home we didn't belong - before munching it down ourselves. 

Then there was the plane. Wings and things. Brunch served on a real plate with metal cutlery. 

nom. I actually couldn't eat all that. I did try.
 Nice is hot. 30 degrees is a tad excessive when waiting outside for the hire car, thank golly for air con. Oh just a side note, the boyfriend ended up on a later flight, no upgrade, and had to wait in departures for over 3 hours. He's a trooper.

We're renting a house in a little place called Saint Cezaire sur Siagne, and it is stunning. The views are breathtaking across the mountain and I had a run around the four storey house like a small child. 

apologies. my photography skills aren't great so don't really sum it up 
 I'm a top housewife and made everyone dinner.

Just in case you were wondering, because we arrived on a Sunday nothing was open, so we had to bring food with us. On the menu was roast chorizo with a cheese sauce, tomatoes, capers and onion with some french bread. So healthy and balanced - but make do with what you have!

We retired to the balcony to play too many games of Perudo and rummy.. Then my dad fell asleep.

I'll try and do something more interesting tomorrow...

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