sophie didn't do anything at all.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

/ it's the littlest things

Yesterday someone asked me what I did with my day. Then told me I was wasting my summer doing nothing. Thing is - I'm just so busy doing things I don't think of them as actual things - I'm just too busy enjoying myself!

Today I:
- Cleaned the house from top to bottom. Literally, cleaning frenzy. I then sat down with a cup of tea and watched come dine with me. 
- Read a large chunk of a book off my reading list sitting in the garden
- Put the finishing touches to the design of a website I'm helping to create... before cracking on with some more paperwork (bore)
- Reorganised my clothes, which took forever by the way, and finally got rid of those which I will never wear again
- Went shopping and bumped into the guy off Misfits with the tattoos, and the other one with curly hair and a ridiculously useless superpower. Literally bumped. 
- Made dinner and did a little more around the house. I'm a budding housewife.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but the word 'knackered' springs to mind...

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