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Saturday, 3 August 2013

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My Grampa likes to do birthdays properly. So properly in fact that he insisted on taking both my sister and myself out for lunch (our birthdays are 8 days apart) to a lovely little italian restaurant -  Villa D'este.

These pictures really show how we hardly look alike - despite the same parents and same eyes! She looks more like my mum and I have my dads bone structure.

Below is the man himself. Doesn't he look dapper?

To kick the meal off he handed over our presents, he really pushed the boat out this year!! A gorgeous silver necklace and a pile of degree related texts (I shan't bore you with the titles).

The man serving us spoke very fast English with a very strong accent (beautiful) but we didn't quite catch all of the specials menu - however I fear that would have just complicated an already difficult decision!!

Clockwise: Torta di Caprino Fresco (goats cheese with salad and asparagus), Fegatini ai Funghi Selvaggi (chicken livers fried with mushroom, red wine and garlic), Gnocchi al Ragu Bolognese (potato dumplings with mozzarella in a beef ragu) and Carpaccio di Manzo (thin slices of raw beef with rocket and parmesan). 

My warm goats cheese salad was just the right balance between all the elements (the cheese can be so over powering otherwise) and the asparagus had a really nice crunch to it. I will point out that those plates are huge, and the starters could have done as the main!

 Pictured above is my enormous main - Pollo ai Peperoni Dolci (chicken breast, sweet mixed peppers, tomato and wine sauce) with sides of vegetables. This picture does not do justice the sheer amount of food that was on my already massive plate, nor how tasty it was. Honestly I could have just sat and spooned it into my face were it not for the fact my stomach is a limited space. Damn. 

Following the mains we had choice of the dessert tray (which all looked spectacular) and coffee. But of course I went for a cappucino, served with an amaretto biscuit and a slither of chocolate. Perfect way to end what was a lovely meal.

At £13.80 for the two courses you definitely get your moneys worth (in both quantity and quality) and the surroundings are stunning too! Strongly recommend!

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