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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

food / restaurant review / John Lewis Cafe

Having conquered the Waitrose franchise, I felt it was only appropriate to visit and enjoy the John Lewis cafe in Cressex.

My mum and I were there to locate her the perfect coral nail varnish for the season - it has been an ongoing, tedious task and we are still no closer to finding it. However, whilst taking a break from this treasure hunt we stopped off for a cuppa and a bite of something to eat. My mother is currently gluten-free, and of all the dietary requirements she could have ended up with, I'd say this is one of the hardest to cater for.

Naturally I shared a chicken and mayo baguette with the woman in front of us in the queue. Don't ask how I managed it. To drink I went for a cranberry juice variant, and this fizzy 'crush' was just perfect. 

 We always get the window seat. Out of the question to suggest otherwise.

how cute is my mumma duck?
 Her exploration of gluten-free treats is definitely hit and miss. She always makes me try them too and some are just disgusting.

This caramel shortbread used polenta in the base and aside from being slightly on the sweet side, it was actually bearable.

It's quite expensive to eat here (hence sharing my sandwich!) but I love sitting watching people walking back to their car with their shopping. Some people end up with the weirdest combinations, but I can't say for sure if the entertainment factor makes up for the over-priced foods. As places go, it's fairly clean and pleasant, the staff are polite and provide quick service. Choice of food is quite varied, the cakes and pastries look delicious but again are on the more expensive side of the scale!

Next time I go, I want to try the afternoon tea - unfortunately it's hardly a gluten free treat so I'll need to drag someone else along!

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