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Friday, 2 August 2013

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I kind of like this product - it's quite similar to Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore, but a little bit different.

The claims (as provided by they themselves)
A simple solution for large pores and clogging
A 2 in 1 facial exfoliator (a mask or a scrub)
Leaves skin looking bright and radiant 

The reality
This scrub is really easy to use, just apply a dollop onto damp skin and massage in, focusing on oily areas.  Rinse and then follow with a moisturiser. There's the option to leave it on for 3 minutes for an oil-absorbing, brightening, pore cleansing mask. I tend to do the latter whilst brushing my teeth in the morning otherwise I forget I have it on my face and that's just a disaster.

The exfoliator is quite gentle, and doesn't irritate my skin. However it does dry out the more sensitive parts of your cheeks so you need to make sure you properly moisturise afterward. As part of that you can 'feel' your pores shrinking, so it ticks that box!

Product-wise the scrub has a minty scent and it quite thick, wasn't what I was expecting at first but I now enjoy the freshness. A little does really go a long way - it doesn't require a lot of product to cover your face. After using this scrub for a few weeks my skin definitely looks fresher and feels soft - I just need to keep up the routine!

From Boots this sells for £7.50 (125ml) and I would buy it again, but it's not top of my priority list despite really working in my skin.


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