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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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Because the video is excrutiatingly slow, here's a summary of things I spoke about in my video review

Garnier exfoliating wash.

So as I said, I absolutely did not like this product. It made my skin dry and didn't stop any build ups or spots. The idea is great - the execution not so good. The scrubbing brush was what drew me towards this product in the first place and I found a good Soap and Glory one (as always Google is not my best friend) but you can pick up the equivalent in many stores.

It was supposed to unclog pores and reduce shine as a daily product, for me, the it was definitely too harsh to be used more than twice a week and my pores stayed the same. Nuhuh. Not for me.

2/10 sophie points

Nivea antiperspirant.

This stuff does the job. Mainly the whole sweat issue is covered sufficiently, but I have never had any problems with white marks. I said in my video you just need to follow the instructions and you'll be problem free ... but with respect to the 48H claim I don't think I could miss out a daily spray. That's just me.

But anyway, if you're looking for a fairly light and effective antiperspirant, where unless you're silly won't leave you with white marks, this is the spray for you!

I'm going to try out a few more anti white mark products, but will be keeping this as back up!

9/10 sophie points (that's nearly all of them)

Boots / Waitrose cleansing face wipes.

Face wipes make my life a bit easier when removing foundation. I'm so lazy when it comes to taking off make-up that I need something to get the ball rolling. The smell of the Boots product was by far my favourite, but overall the Waitrose wipes are more effective in doing their job. The thing about make up wipes is that you don't need a mirror and they're pretty refreshing - in this heat I normally need to take my make up off by mid afternoon so carrying a pack of these around is ideal. Both brands were a similar price (£1.50ish) - some facewipes are just extortionate - however you do get some cheeky Boots points if you shop there! To be quite honest, the difference between the two was minimal,but for me Waitrose gets a slightly higher mark.

If you want a nice smelling thing I'd recommend this Vanilla Lime Yankee Candle. Then you've at least got that covered and can choose your facewipes on merit alone.

Waitrose 7/10 sophie points
Boots- 6/10 sophie points 

Soap and Glory Girligo Body moisturising mist.

Hmmm. I'm sure you'll have grasped that this product made me feel 'indifferent'. As a moisturiser it's not amazing, but the fact it's a spray meant that it was easily absorbed - brilliant if you're running late. So as a whole I love the concept of spray moisturiser but will be shopping around to see if there are any more moisturising ones. I'm never going to totally dislike a Soap and Glory product - they smell gorgeous and probably contain some exciting ingredients, but this one didn't 100% do it for me.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair serum.

Right. I rave about this stuff. It just makes my hair so happy. It stops flyaways and keeps it straight for longer than without it, and I think my hair does dry quicker. You just can't go wrong. It's really lightweight and smells good, this is another one of those products which seems to last forever.

Yes please.

9.56/10 sophie points

Lancome foundation.

Foundations in my colour are hard to come by. In fact, I normally struggle to avoid the orange lines around the edge so having a Lancome Foundation that matched properly was a dream. The fact it lasted nearly all day was just another added bonus (24H again might be a push but it stayed on my face and didn't need re-application). Genuinely I loved this product but currently can't afford to spend that much for a while in the near future, so will be heading out to find a decent high street product (hopefully).

8/10 sophie points

Maybelline concealer

This is one of those products I'm too scared to move away from. Its a great concealer, but if I'm feeling really lazy sometimes gets used as a foundation as well. I just love it - especially because it's not too expensive and actually covers up those blemishes.

7.5/10 sophie points

Maxfactor lip tint.

Right, if you've been paying attention you'll have realised that this is one of my make up essentials. Honestly, I love the idea of a lip colour that is really easy to apply and can handle hot weather. If you are looking for a consistent product which isn't too overpowering definitely give these bad boys a go.

10/10 sophie points

I should totally be a beauty photographer. Nailed it...


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