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Thursday, 15 August 2013

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Having been blessed with copious amounts of unruly hair, I am constantly seeking a hair-care product which will effectively and efficiently shorten my routine. Normally, it must be shampooed twice, conditioned and then have some kind of serum and heat protection applied. Dry time can be as long as half an hour - and that's before straightening. I then end up re-straightening, sometimes up to twice a day... Finding a product with claims such as the Frizz-ease 3 day straight semi-permanent styling spray definitely raised my hopes (a little).

The claims (as provided by both Boots and they themselves)
Designed to work with hair straighteners, a weightless spray with heat protection and frizz prevention. 
Seals in straight hair for up to 3 days
Keeps hair glossy, smooth and swinging with body
Safe for colour and chemically treated hair

The reality
Well. As I said, I have more hair on my head than anyone and was skeptical that such a small bottle of product could have a large impact. First time I used it I followed the instructions to the letter, due to fears of excessive application. Unfortunately my hair was straight for five hours before the waviness returned. 

Not willing to give up, my second attempt was more successful. But I did have to use twice the recommended amount. Thirty pumps - or something silly. Then straighteners. It worked for two days, and on the third only needed a little touching up, but this was a vast improvement. 

So a big thumbs up for the heat protection and frizz control.

And yes, there was glossiness and body still in my lovely straight hair but it was hardly 'swinging with body'. Having read some other reviews some people experienced stickiness or problems when straightening, but honestly this stuff has made life easier. I would spray it in straight after getting out of the shower and leave it to dry slightly before anything else... not sure if this helped? 

If you watched my video about empties you'll know I rave about the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum, and it's a close race between the two. I'll let you know when this one is empty too :).

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