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Friday, 23 August 2013

/ beauty / my holiday essentials

Hi chaps,

It can be tough when travelling around the country (or abroad) to actually decide on what you really need, and what you are just packing for luxury. I do the north-south commute more than is necessarily comfortable, and spend a lot of time at other peoples houses. This year I'm heading to Nice for a week (!!!) and have whittled down that which I need to take with me and those which will be taken if there's space.

My list of must haves:

Make up wipes. Say what you will about them being bad for your skin, I always rinse my face afterwards and have never had any problems. They also stop you needing to carry face-wash, cleanser and toner (these can be filed under 'added luxuries'), but sometimes I just take those too because I feel guilty... only if I'm not carrying my suitcase!

Moisturiser. Depending on how light I'm travelling, this will either be body and/or face. For the short term I'm perfectly happy using 'body' on face, but not face on body. That's just uneconomical. Aftersun also fits into this category - tres moisturising.

Foundation. Just taking one is quite a difficult decision, but currently it's No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation, because its amazing. If needs be, take your powder - but when I'm on holiday I like to wear less make-up, and have stuck to using an amazing tinted BB cream.

Eyebrow pencil/powder. I find even a slightly defined brow can improve the face, regardless of the state of the rest of it. Currently I'm using a Rimmel powder with a small powder brush, purely because it never slips!

Eye liner and Mascara. Recently I've been going back on my past and have stopped using either of these unless it's a special occasion.They are just too much faff to remove and I've started to appreciate my natural face shape! Instead I put some copper and brown powder close to the lash line and go with the flow.

Lip tint. I rave about this. Honestly, these little felt tip pens (MaxFactor Lipfinity lip tint) have saved my life. They are the perfect base for lipstick or work by themselves, which is nice in hot countries where you can't go overboard!

Lip salve (VASELINE). This is my one beauty essential which I would rather be late than forget. In fact, I can't be the only one who enters a mild state of panic when this bad boy is left behind. I love the pink one from Vaseline but have been testing out at least ten this past month so will give you the low down in due course!

Haircare. This is a tough one to whittle down. Obviously it's shampoo and a conditioner, but recently I've been using John Frieda's Frizz Ease 3 day straight and can't bring myself to leave it behind. However when travelling light I can forgo the hair straighteners (unless there will be photographs!!)

And then there's the holiday essentials sun-cream, aftersun and insect repellent. Lovely.

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