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Saturday, 24 August 2013

/ 90s retro

Recently I mentioned a BBQ at which I claimed to have been reminiscing with my closest friends. That wasn't strictly true - they aren't my only friends, and last night made me realise I just know so many amazing people.

So spoilt.

The party yesterday was 90s themed - and as we all know about those themed events there's always that fear of going overboard when everyone else dresses normally. I just go overboard anyway. There's no point beating about the bush.

Never did I think I would see a Teletubbies convention chaired by Kurt Cobain. We're all big kids really.

this guy. you need to meet him if you ever do anything in your life. 
 I donned my best dungarees and a cap and walked around rapping the Fresh Prince theme song. Yeaaaah.

this is what happens to pokemon trainers when they age. 
 The teletubbies got a bit drunk and rowdy.

Austin Powers. At a party. I don't think you can top that.


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