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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

/ my 21st / part 2 + Marlow Bar and Grill review

So yesterday, if you read this post you will have known it was my 21st birthday. I promised to reveal my second pile of presents (I know, I can't quite believe it myself) from my mum - and here they are....


Working in an orderly fashion from the top we have a camera bag (complete with two 16GB memory cards), an assortment of stationery and a Nikon D2500. I needed a sit down. Wow. It's a culmination of a lot of presents from many people (jointly) but even so, that is one hell of a gift.

To top it off, my dad decided we were going out for dinner (do you see why I got emotional?). I hate photographs of myself, but apparently on your birthday it is mandatory. Please excuse the trainers - a large number of my nice shoes are tucked away safety in my wardrobe in Newcastle. See how I'm wearing the skirt my dad bought me?

We headed to our family favouirte Marlow Bar and Grill and settled down to chose our dinner. Stuffed from those giant Nachos at lunch, I took a deep breath and reminded myself it was my birthday and I could push the boat out.

Whilst waiting for our cocktails, we were presented with complimentary dough balls and a kind of chilli dip - could have eaten it all.

From left to right, mine was a Triple Berry Fizz, my mum's was a Chauffeurs Kim Sha (she was driving) and my dad went for the Cosmopolitan (at my request, he's not normally a fan of pink!)

Starters (pictured below) were delicious. Of course I tried them all. Pictured top is my crab salad with avocado and crab mayo, my dad's scallops with champ potatoes is in the middle and mum's asparagus with a poached egg is the bottom one.

After starters we topped up on drinks (I was working towards quite a collection) and didn't have to wait too long for our mains. 

 Pictured above is the Thai Green Chicken Curry. My dad managed all of it (I was struggling already at this point) though I will admit it was gorgeous - if not a tad spicy. 

Mum's Smoked Haddock Risotto looks quite small in that bowl, but trust me it was enormous. Aside from a slightly over cooked poached egg (yes she had two) the risotto was spot on. My own Tandoori SeaBass was exceptional. It's my favourite choice from there and I normally have it with a salad and some fries. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the meal and left an embarrassingly large amount on the plate.  

 Some stunning snaps before dessert. I know - such a beaut.

 Creme Brulee for mum and me, Lemon sorbet for dad. Again, I struggled to make it through more than half of the portion (give me credit it's massive) but enjoyed every single mouthful. As I'm typing this I tempted to go and get some more!

I can't believe how lovely my day was - honestly it was perfect. I'm so very lucky!!


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