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Monday, 29 July 2013

/ my 21st / part 1 + Baroosh review

Today I turn 21. 

I feel old.

I feel given the amount that has happened today I may need two posts to properly do this day justice (its an important one!) 

I was up at 6 for a mandatory run (still training for that Spartan Race don't you know), before my Dad joined me for breakfast and I got to open my presents from him. 


AND THEN my mum came round after my dad left for work with her presents 

Unfortunately you'll have to wait until post 2 for what's inside.

After getting a little emotional over my presents (building suspense) me and the mother headed out to an over 21s bar - Baroosh. Obviously I'd never been there before, but I've heard great things about the food.

We ordered a mixture of nibbles; Polenta chips, Pesto and veg, Nachos and Grilled Halloumi and sipped a gorgeous apple and rhubarb concoction. The food was actually amazing but far far far too much for the two of us. I am still stuffed and that was 5 hours ago. I especially enjoyed the pesto with the veg though. Nomalicious. 

  The nachos were huge!! Here's two photos to really emphasise that point. 

Properly stuffed we meandered up the highstreet, collecting a few decorations for my party on Friday (which you're all coming too) before heading into Cath Kidston to find a new phone case.

I just want it all please. 

Anyway, my 21st so far has been AMAZING. My family, friends and strangers on the street (courtesy of the birthday badge) have managed to make it perfect.

Thank you

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