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Sunday, 21 July 2013

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It's my little sisters 19th birthday today - she's so lucky that the weather is holding out. Fingers crossed for my 21st next monday! She decided she fancied Noodle Nation for lunch, a chain which I had always believed to be a nationwide thing, but really it only has four locations. Silly me. 
My family always seem slightly bemused when I get my camera out and treat it like a game.

Their new favourite is to stand behind one another in a straight line. It's wonderful really... gah! Anyway, we managed to avoid to many mishaps on the way there and my dads parking wasn't too embarassing. Noodle Nation (used to be called Noodle Bar) is a really casual set up, long tables and quick service - when my dad gets round to making his mind up. My mum and I went for sweet and sour (the heat affects my appetite and I didn't want anything too exciting), dad for Kung Po Chicken and my sister Noodles. Birthday girl also requested dumplings, chicken satay and wok fried vegetables to go on the side. Who could say no to that. 

Perspective does crazy things. We literally had time for those two snaps before food was brought out. I apologise that there's only a picture of my meal, the others informed me they were too hungry to hang about for 'beauty shots' and kept spinning their bowls. Oh how I love family. 

The portion sizes are huge. I kid you not I stuffed myself to otherworldly proportions but hardly made a dent - this stuff was insane. I also used a fork. Chop sticks get me all a flustered. 

I sampled the others dishes too - the Kung Po was not as intimidatingly spicy as expected (added bonus) and the Noodles are a solid 8/10. Noodle Nation is amazing value for money - I could have probably shared my portion. For the four of us with drinks and sides it came to around £38 - not too shabby, especially as I took half of mine home for dinner. All in all if you want a relaxing meal with some simple food devoid of long waits, this is the place to go. I'd recommend!!

Birthday cupcakes in the sun (she's having a proper cake later). Nom. My food baby feels more like twins.

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