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Sunday, 14 July 2013

/ fashion / my Henley outfit

If any of you read my blog a while ago, I mentioned Henley Royal Regatta and my dilemma of what to wear - read the post here. After ordering the aforementioned dresses I was slightly disappointed with them, they just had no shape and were quite unflattering.

Unfortunately, having left the purchase of an appropriate outfit until the weekend before the event (that's 3 days) I fell back into old habits and headed to Monsoon. Although it's target market is definitely a little older than I and it's far from cheap, I felt certain I would find something!

Searching out a 'below the knee' hemline can be difficult at the best of times, but thankfully it only took a few dresses before I found one that fit and didn't look too awful on me - the print is beautiful.

I look quite tired here - purely because I'd been spending the whole day looking after everyone!

Dress - Monsoon, £59
Blazer - Topshop (last season sorry!)
Shoes - Primark, £8 I think

The dress code is a nightmare in the sweltering heatwave that hit the country - luckily when it reached 30 degrees it was relaxed and the poor boys could take off their blazers. Cue the delightful sweat marks...

 I love opportunities to dress up, we all looked so cute and I'm getting this photo made into a canvas- just adorable.

Not something you see every day! 


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