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Thursday, 25 July 2013

/ 3 years gone

Yesterday, I went to a barbeque. It was a quiet gathering of all my closest friends at one of their houses. I got a little bit emotional.

At one point in conversation we realised it had been just over three years since we left secondary school, totaling five since we all met. Astoundingly, the comings and goings have been small (mainly related to bad break ups or geographical location) so we've known each other a while.

I can't quite believe how long its been, how much I've changed - how much we all have [I'm going to source a photo but that's going to take a while].

My friends mean the world to me. I honestly was so caught up catching up that I didn't get snaps of them all (silly me!). 

This boy is like an annoying older brother - I've known him the longest out of everyone and he's ridiculously tall. He's also a reliable lift - amazing for someone like me who has only my feet to get me around. Anyway, we're like two thirds of a team, the third is below (he's normally in a plane).

I love photos. Even ones like this ^.

Buying food in Asda with my two favourite chaps. They were having a massive argument over what to get for the BBQ (one prefers going super cheap, the other wants to not get food poisoning) - I'll let you guess which is which.

This guy always does the cooking. He's like a top cook, apart from does none of the tidying up. I like that.

I've got money that this girl will get married first and have many blonde blonde haired children running around. 

This particular beaut is also a keen youtuber (apparently she likes books ;) ) - please head her way (an unshameful link right there).

That's how I feel when someone waves a camera at me. That's why it's best to be the one behind it.

When we started talking it was still light. I was meant to be in bed by this point. I think my camera was drunk as well.

My lovely jazz singer was filling us in over a glass of wine. The conversation got a bit topsy turvy after that (the wine I mean).

Sitting outside til the late hours eating good food and sharing good company is definitely the way to spend your evening. 
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