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Sunday, 11 August 2013

/ university / my story

Before I begin writing anything about university I felt it would only be appropriate to write my story down so you know where I'm coming from.

Throughout my school 'career' everything I did was geared towards science. GCSEs and A-levels were all science and maths, (I took maths early) and it was assumed that this would continue through to university. Even at school, I was frustrated at the limitations of scientific thinking, but my teachers informed me this would pass and I was on the right track. However, year 13 came and went - still no UCAS submission.My secondary school didn't really give the option to not go down the university route and I felt tremendous pressure to just decide. They really disapproved of my gap year choice, and I guess I took the easy option and applied for Biomedical Sciences to start the year after - an amalgamation of everything I'd already been studying. 

Kind of regret that.

No I take that back. I learnt a lot that year. My gap year (sorry for the cliche) genuinely made me who I am today, and created some of my highest and lowest points - it truly taught me who I was. I had to be the responsible one in a difficult situation, and yes I got so so so much wrong. Honestly. I'm ashamed at the number of mistakes I made, but I'm also proud of how I handled those situations, moved on and managed to achieve. One of my toughest learning curves - success and failure.

Anyway, following that gap year, I headed off to Newcastle University. Moving away from home was amazing , but I had a continuing niggling feeling something wasn't right. Turns out, after a lot of thinking, I needed to do something both scary and brave. I applied to change courses. I got a lot of stick for doing it, changing from a seemingly reputable course onto a more risque one - but the more I found myself defending it, the more I knew it was the right thing to do. I started Media, Communication and Cultural Studies the next year (it was compulsory to pass the first) and couldn't believe how much I wanted to learn. Suddenly, I was willing to go to lectures, preparing for seminars and completing assignments well ahead of schedule.

It's a strange sensation looking around at Freshers who are two years younger than me and realising that last month should have been my graduation, but all in all I am getting there and now on course to do what I want. It goes to show that there is room for change. And I have a very short attention span!


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