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Sunday, 2 June 2013

| 2013 | rowing | Peterborough Regatta

This post is about how my mum drove a lucky bunch of athletes to a rowing race. Please don't think rowing is all I talk about, it's just that it has been on recently.

Anyway. To be a good daughter I decided to keep my mum company - this involved getting up at 4.45 and getting home at 8pm. Long day. It's actually very strange going to a rowing race with no real 'purpose', I used to have responsibilities and stress, but today we just sat drinking tea and eating cupcakes.

This was probably the tastiest looking spread ever. Wanted it all. Had most of it.

By about midday I had in fact consumed my body weight in cake and biscuits and was feeling fairly ill.  Cue a long walk. A long long walk. We had all the time in the world. In fact, I feel awful saying this, but I took only three really bad photographs of the actual rowing. Naughty.

The kids themselves did really well and slept most of the journey home.

I then had to muster the energy to complete my insanity workout of the day before collapsing into bed.

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